Summer Heat: An Anthology

I’m SO psyched!! I’m excited (and moderately nervous) about the anthology I am a part of with three other very talented (and equally cool ass) ladies.

My girl Katlynne came to me and asked me to be a part of a free anthology spear-headed by a young lady, Sable Jordan. I didn’t even think…I just said “YES”. That’s a shocker, because I’m normally gun-shy when it comes to certain things. I write my blogs and my erotic shorts on my other blog “Passion’s Fruit”…but, I’m almost certain that I’m hiding behind familiar eyes. To put my writing out there for more than a handful of critiquing eyes…is a lot for me.

So, I’m PROUD to say that today, “Summer Heat” was released to be viewed via eBook format (free) to the public.

Just go to Smashwords and download the book featuring four stories:

Downsized by Ms. Downlow (email)

Ninety Days by Kween (:D)

Butterflies in Motion by Perri Forrest

Shaken and Stirred by Sable Jordan

Please give us some feedback and let us know what you all think. I’m very excited and proud to have the opportunity. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Sable, Kat and Perri for bringing me along for the ride!!