Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The worst thing that can happen to a person is to be stagnant. Stuck in one place. Immovable by will or desire. A stuck thing will rot in its place. Still waters begin to smell stale. Still vehicles lack destination. Standing in one spot can be beneficial, as long as you’ve gotten the advantage from being there. You know how a pro b-ball player can get into a groove and everytime he steps into “that spot” he scores? Well, that usually only lasts but so long before the opposition begins to strategize and pinpoint where his spot is. Next thing you know, all those beautiful shots from that spot become blocked and the player must now find another spot or a different way of shooting from that spot. Maybe find some combined moves to go with that sweet spot to enhance the scoring and circumvent the opposer’s blockage. That’s how it is for us. The blessings from finding a spot that’s comfortable can only flow but for so long before they overflow and you drown in the mundanity of life. The negative forces begin to work against you because you’re easy to find. Why not? You’re still in the last place they left you! 

I say all that to say, that sometimes you find a spot. It’s conducive to what you’re going through in the moment. There’s things to be learned, experienced, regained…found. Yet, once those things are obtained…it is now imperative to move along. The spot has lost it’s usefulness and now there are other spots to be explored. Other benefits to be gained. 

The river must flow…traffic must forge forward…the time to move must be enacted. A still thing doesn’t move, and a thing that moves goes anywhere it wants.