Hey Thick and Sexy…

…REALLY now?

Is this what it is? Men think it’s okay to approach a woman like this?

Now wait {scratches chin}…before some of you say, “Damn, Kween…maybe he thought you were THICK and SEXY!” or “See, if he DIDN’T holla…” (go ahead and add other possible reactions). Yet, what I’m getting at isn’t that the dude responsible for the blog title is wrong for being attracted to me, or getting the gumption to actually approach…but, his METHOD is what I question. Even though I am cool with being considered thick and sexy…I don’t quite appreciate that being the first thing out of a man’s mouth when he speaks to me for the first time.

If I said to a dude on first glance, “Hey Cute and Chubby” or “Hey Short and Sexy”…regardless of the underlying implication that I’m indeed allured by said attributes…it MIGHT be considered a little on the disrespectful/hurtful side. Most people I know don’t want to be called by names associated with body type. Even if a chick is shaped like a Coke bottle…to call her that, to me is indicative of 1) lack of originality 2) superficiality and 3) lack of manners/decorum.  It’s flat out classless.

So…when cat hit me with a message and said “Hey there, Thick and Sexy”…I wasn’t flattered. I was turned off. I felt as if he didn’t (as DeBarge so eloquently sung) “…dig deep into your train of thought…try to find something new…what worked so well for you before…for me just won’t do…” Whatever happened to, “Hi, my name is…” or “Hello Pretty…” hell even THAT is better than thick and sexy. It’s almost like saying to ME…that thick AND sexy are two different things…and with me, everything that I am is embodied in my sex[y]. From my mental splendor…to the fluff in my figure…to the wit that makes me funny…to my spiritual “innocence” and my emotional tenderness. It’s all a part of me…and I’M sexy…because I say so. I just don’t want a dude more or less “cat-calling” me without even knowing if that’s how I get down. Don’t say, “Hey boo”, “Hey Ma”, etc. Boo and Ma and Baby are terms of endearment…and I feel they’re better suited to someone whom you are already endeared to. 

A kween of my sort must be approached with the care and respect of an admired butterfly. Not so much to tread lightly…as to tread with the truth in mind that this thing of beauty (inside and out) isn’t to be roughed off or handled like any other.

*deleting message*

Toddlers and Tiaras? WTF?

So…I see a commercial about an upcoming reality series called “Toddlers and Tiaras” on TLC. Documentation of parents and their children who participate in pageants. Now, beside the damn obvious…what is WRONG with this picture? Haven’t these people seen or heard of Jon Benet Ramsey? Do you think that child is dead on accident? *rolling eyes* In this day and age of the molester…I would NOT put make up on my child and strut her across a stage looking like a miniature woman! I believe wholeheartedly that Jon Benet’s death is a direct result of her being involved in those pageants…even if all it did was perpetuate an “attraction” if you will…to her young self, that eventually ended in her death.

WHAT is to be gained by putting your child on display as young as 2yrs old? Dolled up and coached to pose, dance and speak like an adult. I’m in NO way comparing children to pets, but shit…yea, I am. LMAO. I hate when people dress their dogs up and groom them to look like camels and buffalo. (Check these pics) Curvy Queen showed me that and I fell out laughing…before I got MAD! Helpless animals being played with and used as entertainment piss me off. I doubt if a dog’s thoughts could be read, you’d see “Dress me up like a bitch with pearls, a pleated skirt, polo shirt and pink sneakers on all paws” uh…no. So, I see this is a very similar situation. Dressing up kids who have no control or say over what they do…like grown ass folks, encouraged to play into an ALREADY skewed societal view of women.

Anyway…I’m done ranting. What yall think about this?

What the FUNKY black chick?

My girl has this site. [FUNG’KE] [BLAK] [CHIK]™

Now, she’s been blogging on this site for a WHILE now. She’s been using this name, since her college days. Early to mid 90’s. She’s a GREAT blogger. She blogs on her life. She really puts her all into her site. I met her on Y360!, from which she dragged me to Multiply. She was there for a bit and left…only to return (mostly to read the blogs of her friends). The site above IS her main site to blog on. You’ll find anything from family funnies, to relationship highs and lows and political views. She speaks on fashion, music…but all to a personal liking. Her ideologies on everday tomfoolery is hilarious and thus she has a great following. I’ve been reading for a while now and not ONCE have I confused her site with another.

That brings me to why I’m even talking about her. Recently a woman with a similarly “fashioned” name, came to her asking her to cease and desist usage of her name based on some confusion, loss of “business” and “unfair competition”. I guffawed, simply because I never ONCE tried to get to my girl’s site…only to end up on the other one. One of MY confusions with this case is that the lady on the other site is insistent that she’s losing business…but, doesn’t that mean that MY friend would have to more than likely be selling goods? (Which she isn’t). If I was trying to get to someone’s site…that sells things (something I seem to want badly or need moderately) I’m not gonna confuse a site that sells AIR with one that sells merchandise. After being contacted my friend even placed a disclaimer, denying ANY affiliation with the other site to bring down any possible confusion.

Bottom line…this chick is writing about it so much, I figured…if people weren’t leaving your site for hers…they will soon. You’re giving her site FREE publicity (which she doesn’t need, esp. if its negative) AND you’re unfairly swaying the public opinion on something you PROBABLY shouldn’t be discussing. And what’s even funnier…is that the very thing she’s accusing my friend of is what it looks like SHE’S doing. Using the name similarities and this drama to bring in readers. *SMH*

Like I told my friend…there is Kentucky Fried and Kennedy Fried (esp here in the NE)…but, you DAMN sure know which one is made by the Colonel. The internet is VAST. There are plenty of corporations or sites here that have similar names and never bump heads…so, there IS enough room for us all.

Oh, and NO you’re NOT dreaming…I have NOT made mention of the other site…on purpose. If you do know it, don’t mention it here. Please and thank you 🙂


I don’t know WHAT the hell is going on, but it seems that my online situation has gone haywire! I cant sign into Multiply.com…keeps saying that they’re doing maintenance and upgrades, which they’ve been doing for a day and half almost. Then for some reason my computer was running extremely slow…which I figured out that its FIREFOX…the damn browser I chose over IE is the reason why things are going in slow motion. So, I closed out of that and am now using Internet Explorer which sucks, but happens to be sucking less off the pipe than Firefox right now. LOL

I want to write SO badly. I need to finish my series “1st Love, 2nd Chance…3 Hearts” which made it all the way to part 4, only for me to lose my muse. A lot of people were pushing for me to finish…but, I’m sure they’ve lost interest now. I know I have…lol.

I’ve also got 2 people on my mind, who are kinda worrying me. They’re both dealing with loss. One from long ago…the other from this past week. Either way, they’re hurting and I haven’t been able to contact either. *sigh* I hate it that they’re hurting and I cant help. So, all I could do was step back and wait for them to reach back out…well, that will only fly for another day or I’m calling ANY damn way! (sorry guys…cant let you alone TOO long).

The weather is finally heating up…but um…damn. Could we have SEGUED into summer? Don’t go from low 60’s to high 90’s…dang. LOL (Thank God for AC)

Other than that, I’m just kicking it. Relaxing a little and trying to get my mental and financial together for my upcoming trip south.

Happy Sunday!