I don’t know WHAT the hell is going on, but it seems that my online situation has gone haywire! I cant sign into Multiply.com…keeps saying that they’re doing maintenance and upgrades, which they’ve been doing for a day and half almost. Then for some reason my computer was running extremely slow…which I figured out that its FIREFOX…the damn browser I chose over IE is the reason why things are going in slow motion. So, I closed out of that and am now using Internet Explorer which sucks, but happens to be sucking less off the pipe than Firefox right now. LOL

I want to write SO badly. I need to finish my series “1st Love, 2nd Chance…3 Hearts” which made it all the way to part 4, only for me to lose my muse. A lot of people were pushing for me to finish…but, I’m sure they’ve lost interest now. I know I have…lol.

I’ve also got 2 people on my mind, who are kinda worrying me. They’re both dealing with loss. One from long ago…the other from this past week. Either way, they’re hurting and I haven’t been able to contact either. *sigh* I hate it that they’re hurting and I cant help. So, all I could do was step back and wait for them to reach back out…well, that will only fly for another day or I’m calling ANY damn way! (sorry guys…cant let you alone TOO long).

The weather is finally heating up…but um…damn. Could we have SEGUED into summer? Don’t go from low 60’s to high 90’s…dang. LOL (Thank God for AC)

Other than that, I’m just kicking it. Relaxing a little and trying to get my mental and financial together for my upcoming trip south.

Happy Sunday!