CHALLENGE!! 30 Day Word Association

Welcome to the Challenge!!! Thanks to Mahogany Dymond you guys have been gifted with ANOTHER challenge! (Thank or blame HER!!) LOL

This blog will be kind of different. Not like the others, this isn’t just a writing challenge, but a creativity challenge. You can invite who you like to join in…just remember to encourage your buddy to follow the rest of the challenge takers and like The Kween’s Kaleidoscope on Facebook so you can keep up with everyone else’s blogs!

This is also the month where NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) takes place…so we can participate in our own way. (I’m posting a day early so we all can prepare and invite who we like)


Use each word (in any part of speech) and create a fictional paragraph. It can be any style, any topic…as long as it’s original. 

We’re keeping this challenge down to one paragraph for a few reasons:

  1. – It’s brief. If we have 10 or more blogs, it can be almost impossible to read several scrolls of words every day…making it hard for us to keep up with one another’s daily offerings.
  2. – It sparks creativity. If you if you have only a paragraph of 100 words or less…it makes you come to your point quicker, allowing you to use better forms of expression.
  3. – It encourages each blogger to participate. If we all know there’s not a lot to write (yet still feeds our creative muses) then people may be more apt to blog. Not everyone can write extensively off the top of their heads…so this caters to both kinds of writers.

1- Castle
2- Water
3- Rock
4- Stand 
5- One
6- Song
7- Sword
8- Bridge
9- Voice
10- Book
11- Ring
12- Baby
13- Television
14- Room
15-  Path
16- Hole
17- Clouds
18- Huge
19- Lies
20- Friend
21- Fruit
22- Afraid
23- Bed
24- Fire
25- Beach
26- Cold
27- Radio
28- Shoes
29- Car
30- Simple
Free Day- Use the first word off the top of your head and write your paragraph


For today’s challenge word, I had something thought out…something about desires of the heart, desires of life goals, blah blah yadda meow…

Then I remembered that my friend Iba, has a missing niece here in New York. She has been posting incessant reminders to her Facebook and tumblr audience to keep an eye open for her young teen niece, Nikki.


My niece is still missing.
My Sister spoke to the young man that Nikki was last with in Manhattan.
He says she was happy, didn’t say anything about being mad or running away.
He’s 17 and attends her after school program.
He is cooperating with the investigation at this point.
He gave us a lot of info but nothing on where she could be…she literally walked away and disappeared.
He claims to be just as shocked by this as we are.

Please continue helping us find my niece, it is going on three weeks next week.

 If you are in the NY Tri-State area please help.
She has been gone since September 8th. If you have any information please contact (718) 708-6236.
She was to begin her first day last Friday at The School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Manhattan on Audubon and 191st. The school has the flyer and hasn’t seen her either. News 12 has been running the story every half hour…working on other channels as well. ALL the help we can get helps.
Please keep reblogging. We need her back safe.

This is the exact posting…

What bothers me is that there is always little to NO real urgency in finding missing children of minority races. There has been little to NO coverage in my area for this young lady’s disappearance or plea for her recovery. I don’t want to kick around militant accusations of unfair treatment of missing persons cases where “we” are involved…but, you get it.

Every day that goes by is time lost. No exposure lessens the chances that she’ll be spotted and her whereabouts reported. I pray that the situation is as simple as Nikki “decides” to come home on her own and that this is an instance of rebellion.

PLEASE post this information where you can and if nothing else, share this post. Fervent prayers are welcome as well.

I DESIRE for this young woman to be returned to her family safely.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

New York State’s Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse


Chance…is defined as follows:


noun, verb,chanced, chanc·ing, adjective



the absence of any cause of events that can be predicted,understood, or controlled: often personified or treated as apositive agency: Chance governs all.

luck or fortune: a game of chance.

a possibility or probability of anything happening: a fifty-percent chance of success.

an opportune or favorable time; opportunity: Now is yourchance.

Chance, I suppose is the law of “what the fuck ever”…lol

Well, Chance to me is a bundle of instances where shit wasn’t in my control…so yea that’s life. This dude Chance be showing up RIGHT when shit go down. He wanna be all up in the roll of the dice. He wanna be all up in it when love comes…he wanna be all up in it when you play the Lotto…

Then again…I always loved that portion of Monopoly. When I got to pull a Chance card. Never knew if you’d get a “Get out of jail free” card…or end up passing go. On the other hand…you could end UP in jail and not pass go or collect a DAMN thing, but the fun was in not knowing.

I’d like to say that I’ve utilized the chances given to me about 80+% of the time. I don’t always LIKE the chances thrown at me, but I normally roll with the punches.

By chance, I’ve met some wonderful friends…and met a few that I could’ve gone my entire life without knowing.

By chance, I’ve loved and lost…and loved and lost again…but, that’s actually something I’ll leave to the presence of God’s gift of grace and not Chance…I’ll “take my chances” with God since HE is love.

Chance is an interesting spin, I believe…on the explanation of that which we don’t understand. I suppose…Chance IS God…taking over and putting us in the place He needs us to be at the time He feels is best. So perhaps I got it a little twisted and Chance is really God’s helpmate…:)


I see or hear the word beauty and I immediately think of the song by Dru Hill.  I also think of my friend who calls her closest girls that…but, what I think of when I see or hear the word…is how UN-beautiful a lot of beauty is.

Beauty’s standards are screwed up…we all know that. One of my girls and I were discussing the light-skin/dark-skin issue that a lot of us Black folks grow up with. Complexes of skin complexions…ridiculous. It’s sad to recount the obsessions that some of us had with either feeling not light enough or dark enough.

Then there’s those of us who either feel not tall enough or skinny enough or not big enough. Brown-eyed folks wanting to be blue-eyed…thin-haired folks wanting thicker hair.

“I wish I had long nails…”
“I wish I had perfect teeth…”
“I wish I had a booty…”
“I wish I had bigger breasts…”
“I wish I looked like her/him…”

Well, I wish we thought that we were beautiful as is. I wish that we thought fat thighs and nappy hair and short stature and uneven skin tones and big feet and thick noses…was beautiful.

I wish that we saw the world in it’s amazing proportions,  multi-hued humans, it’s crystal clear to midnight blue seas, epic mountains and volcanoes and dainty flowers and shrubs…

it’s heaviest animals to it’s almost-not-there insects, it’s musical sounds of nature, deafening sounds of war…and the eerie sound of “peace” in the aftermath…

If we could only see the beauty…in the differences and the trials and the triumphs and grasp the enormity of how blessed we are TO be ABLE to see at ALL is beautiful!

To be able to see in color…to bask in the gradient grays of a dark day and then see the rainbow on a bright one…is a gift from God.

I don’t wish to be thinner, have a booty, long straight hair, light eyes or even dimples (which I used to want as a kid)…as much as I wish to be able to see the beauty in life…every single day.



Defined as an earnest desire for achievement or distinction.

Hmmm…Am I ambitious?

I’ve only desired [earnestly] to be a good person. To love from the depths of me. To give all I have for causes that keep me up late and wake me up early. “Ambition” is something that many take (in my opinion) …too seriously. Maybe it’s the artist in me who is more laid back and easy-going when speaking on goals and careers and such…but, I see folks go IN over their “grustle”. (That’s part GRIND-part HUSTLE). Some folks go so hard that they make those who aren’t as driven as they are feel like they’re somehow worthless if they’re not usurping EVERY part of the day with SOME small effort for productivity. I have one friend who is a “Jill of All Trades”…her repertoire expanding across the lines of clothing design, furniture design, photography, jewelry making, etc…I can’t even tell you all of the things she’s into. The thing is…she’s PASSIONATE about them all and though she has a sometimes unrealistic expectation on herself…it’s only because she lives and breathes her art. On the other hand, I’ve seen people aimlessly peddle items out of the lust of money and their obsession with wealth and not be passionate about a DAMN thing but the money they envision themselves making. That to me, is where ambition becomes confused with greed…wanderlust, even.

For me…ambition is the fuel in the car that drives the person to their dream destination. I long to be a published writer, an independent woman, a woman of virtue, substance and above all…a woman whose legacy is love. That means WAY more to me than filling my bank account with endless zeroes or celebrity.

As usual, I break words down. The prefix amb means to go…the root definition for -tion means, to express action; a state or associated meaning. Ambition in a nutshell…is the state of going…or better clarified, the state of going forward. To me, ambition is going forth on a path leading to a final place of accomplishment. The question is how does one define accomplishment. Success doesn’t have to mean a monetary sense of having…as much as a feeling of peace within that comes from touching lives in some way.

Yes…I have ambition. Do you?

Gotta A-Muse Myself…

I have been SO lackluster lately in the writing department…penning only a few poems sporadically, here and there. I don’t like it. I need to “exercise” my writing muskles (lol, my little cousin used to say that).  I don’t like when I go extended amounts of time with a motionless pen. The worse feeling for ME is having ideas and not being able to articulate them…

I think my biggest impediment is not ever wanting to be monotonous. I would hate to seem redundant. I would hate to seem redundant. LOL

SO…I’m imposing a challenge upon MYSELF. This is NOT a challenge where I’m inviting others to do it with me…but, if someone sees it and chooses to participate…so be it. I think the reason why I didn’t do to well at the photo challenge I was last seen fleeing away from, lol…is because it involved less writing and more photo taking. I couldn’t for the  world of me remember WHAT I was supposed to be taking a pic FOR…which would result in me trying to find something…ANYTHING to snap once I got home. ~sigh~

Anyway…THIS self-imposed challenge is right up my alley. I’m calling it my “30 Day A-Z Word Challenge”.  I’ve come up with 26 words that I have to blog about…leaving 4 extra slots. The list goes a little something like this…

X factor *wild card word*

The last four words were fashioned out of the acronym for the word “word”.


Here I go…

Snapshot #7: Red

Photo of: Red
My trusty companion…the Dictionary. Perhaps my favorite book of all time. Always changing and evolving…adding and subtracting. Providing hours of information to grow on. 
My family calls me the “Human Dictionary”…most around me ask ME how to spell a word or to provide the definition instead of opening the book or looking it up online. What can I say? I’m a word whore. LOL
For me, words are the edifice of a tall building…each floor, a sentence…the height being the unending ways one can express themselves.
Anyway…the photo is of the color red. Though I looked around my house and found other things that were red…there was only one thing that had the punch this photo had. 🙂


I’ve always been addicted to words…
My mother says my first word was, “da da”, but Im sure it was something more like,”why?”…and she just didn’t here me say it. lol I remember that she bought me a Scrabble Junior, which was words instead of letters. I remember the chalkboard I had that I used to dictate and enforce “school” on my baby sister, cousins, company…stuffed animals. Words have always intrigued me. I’ve been reading for a long while now. I have memories of reading the dictionary as early as kindergarten. I’ve aced at least 98% of my spelling bees…if you don’t count the B’s. My family calls me the “human dictionary” and I think it’s funny. I don’t know every word…but, a new word is absorbed into my vocabulary, the way water disappears into a sponge. I am always consulting the dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia…because I love to know new ways to say the same old thing. In my spare time, I look up the meaning of words, their Latin root meaning…and break down the way words are constructed. Prefix. Root. Suffix. It’s how I learned (and most others who were paying attention in school)…how to define a word without looking it up. Yet, it went further…
It became the name game…
“What’s your name?” is the first thing people ask…but do they ever know that for each time you speak someone’s name…you reinforce the meaning? Kali means…
“beautiful” in Greek
“child closest to God” in Egyptian (for which my mother named me)
“black; energy” in Sanksrit
which is the Hindu language affiliated with the goddess, Kali…whose name also symbolizes
“creator and destroyer” (so me…really!)
“flower” in Hawaiian
“evil genius” in Peruvian (bwahahahahahahaha *choke* hahaa…)
“fire goddess” in Native American (not sure what tribe)
Either way…I believe when my name is spoken, that my spirit is being reaffirmed through the power of words. I’ve spent hours researching different words in different languages and trying to connect the international dots. I can’t speak any language but English, fluently…but, I can pretty much read most Latin-based languages.
I’ve researched surnames and gods and goddesses, mythical creatures, etc. When I first got a computer…I exhauseted the Encarta encyclopedia that came with it. Pages and pages of research on words and their meanings.
Words…They ARE things and they hold the power of action and inaction. Constant repetition of a thing…negative or positive…can create your environment. It, like attitude…can make or break your energy. I try to speak positivity into my wor[l]d…but even I fall short.
As much as I love words…words can be a curse, too. Words form sentences…and sentences are spoken or written at times…in spite of meaning very little to the speaker or scriber. As much as I love words…I love actions more. In MY little world…my relationships, friendships and family ties are bonded by words…words that morph into action. A proof of intent.
The meaning of words aren’t just in the definition. It’s in the content, usage and intention. Words don’t mean a thing…if they don’t manifest into something tangible.
Touch me with your words…