Word 14: Room


Something held my hands together…it could’ve been rope, or chains, or wire…I couldn’t tell though. It was the darkest dark where I was. The kind of dark that not a ray of light could penetrate…that even if the door opened…the hall leading to this room would be as dark. I was sitting in a chair that felt hard and cold…it must’ve been metal. It was cold and causing me to feel colder than it really was. I began wriggling my way free. The binds that bound me were looser than I thought.  I got my hands free after painfully yanking my hands in opposite directions repeatedly. It turned out, my restraints were barely tied and made of thin threads. I untied my feet and before long was feeling my way through the blackness. I walked and walked, looking for a piece of furniture, a door, a window…but, I seemingly walked for minutes upon minutes…what clearly turned into hours, with me stopping and resting on my knees. I tried each direction, hands outstretched…and nothing. No furniture…no windows…no doors…no walls.

NO WALLS! I was in a dark, vacuous space…nothing barring me…my own restraints, feeble and incompetent…my attempts to escape failing.

…and then I opened my eyes. 🙂