The Kween’s Kouch: Testing 1-2-3

Today I did a test show for my online talk show, The Kween’s Kouch. I’ve been hosting Mr. Chap’s Morning Show for several months now and with a lot of poking, prodding and encouraging…I finally caved in and set up my show. It started out as a 30 minute test and ended up being extended 30 more minutes. Mr Chap produced the switchboard while my girl Fit for a King did a little co-hosting. Butterfly Effect showed up, as did my sista Netty (Neturu), and Sunny G…a fellow BTR host. I read a poem, shared my concept of the show and Net helped me rename the chatroom. It will now and forever be known as “the Kweendom”. Fits, huh?

Take a listen…

2 thoughts on “The Kween’s Kouch: Testing 1-2-3

  1. Sounds like you are going to have a good talk show online. I hate that I end up missing those because most of the time I am heading over to my second job. Oh well. Hope you have some re-broadcast days so people who couldn’t join in can listen in on the next day, maybe even do like “The Kween’s Letter” where people can write in to you about advice and you read about it on your talk show. Then you and the panel can discuss the letter. AMAZING I say. Hope things work out.

  2. You can always go to my page and listen to the show after broadcasting. I am trying out new times. I will be sure to let you know! I also will be debuting the Ask Kween portion come Monday.

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