Do You See What I See?

side eye

I’m constantly observing…

To some, that is a good thing…to others, well…who cares? They can suck it.

What today’s observations have brought to my attention, are the amazing talent some people have for creating a bigger than life persona for themselves. I watch people who claim busyness…but are ever present on the Internet. I see people who barely show their faces, blaming their lack of image display on “stalkers” or “haters”. I even see people who claim themselves to be genius intellects who challenge group thinking, but don’t even see how badly they CLEARLY need the attention of the group around them.

Then there are these standards. I see a post on tumblr and the succession of events goes as follows: See beautiful girl (Insert GIF of happiness), She plays video games (insert GIF of extreme happiness).

Why is it that the “perfect” girl is the one who takes up and loves all of what men’s favorite activities? DISCLAIMER: This is not to say that women cannot love sports, video games and cars. I am stating that they should be able to do so without it being considered a “cool criteria” for the make up of the perfect mate.

A woman should be able to love tinkering with cars or playing football or kicking ass on the XBox, with OUT it being a source of cool points. Do women require a man to be a good shopper? To enjoy mani/pedis? To want to watch cooking shows all day? I mean, those ARE “women’s” activities…

It’s chauvinistic isn’t it? To make someone’s worth as a mate about whether they can participate in someone’s particular hobby. I believe that there will be plenty of things you don’t want to do together. I wouldn’t mind having a husband who loved football. While we might have mostly the same common interests…I’m sure we could survive if I decided to make his friends snacks, leave and go hang with my friends and return after the chaos has calmed. You don’t have to do EVERY thing together, and therefore you shouldn’t need for someone to love what you do for them to be perfect for you. You never know…you could love to play video games together, but hate each other’s families and friends. Which is more important?

Between the delusional people, the selfish people, the stereotyping of people…and supposed smart people who make dumb declarations it’s…

“Just another day…living in the hood…just another day around the way… ~ Queen Latifah “Just Another Day”