Word 19: Lies


“here lies the lie that lies lying where truth once lied…”
My mother always said, “If you’d lie…you’d steal.” As a kid I never quite knew what that meant. I always thought it was some off-color wives’ tale she’d told us kids to discourage lying to her. After all, just because I’d lie…perhaps to get out of something I’d done…doesn’t mean I’d steal. 
Then I grew up and I understood the foundation of a lie. The anatomy of a lie. I saw for the first time (whilst in a relationship built on the shaky legs of a liar) that a lie is INDEED theft. When you lie, mislead, deceive…you steal. You rob the person or persons of knowledge and therefore the rights to participate, accept, stay or leave. You sneak in and slip a burlap sack over that person’s confidence in you and you hold it for ransom; as long as you get what you want out of the deal…the confidence is “safe”
…but a liar can never promise safety. Nothing can be trusted in a person who would concoct a lie for their own purposes, voiding any truth that would bring their character into question.
Beware of Liar…beware of thieves who steal the truth and bury it with bones that later get dug up and carried, full of decay and the stench of dead intentions.

Word 18: Huge


size is proportional…relative to big and small. a small dog is small to a big dog, but a big dog is small to something bigger.

“It’s a HUGE deal”
…then you find it’s petty.

“I’ve got a HUGE surprise!!”
…and it fits inside of a ring box…

“I’ve got a HUGE pimple!”
…but, it’s only noticeable to you.

“I’m a HUGE fan”
…okay, perhaps you’re a BIG fan. lol

I often find that so much of what we deem HUGE is often insignificant with proper perspective. Size is  relative to knowledge of smaller/bigger things.

Word 17: Clouds


I’m speechless today…I finally caught up on the last few blogs and now I’ll just grace you with some pictures of my own personal obsession…clouds. I am always taking pictures of the sky, but that’s because it’s ALWAYS changing. I’m always looking up. 🙂 All are mine unless otherwise stated. 

a walk on the pier w/mom in 2011
on the train to NYC
My sis DeAnna took some cool pics on the plane en route to Jamaica
She captured God

Jamaica was beautiful….I wished I were there

The sky above my house…
A nighttime sky in Peekskill, NY
I hope you’ve enjoyed my nearly wordless word challenge for the day 🙂 

Word 16: Hole

Picture leads to article by Charlotte Meredith on black hole phenomena 


Holes in stories…
Stories untold…
untold stories…
stories unfold…

[you’re sucking up the energy]

Holes in your character…
your character ain’t whole…
but if your whole character…
IS a gaping hole…

[you’re bottomless]

Fill yourself up
Go deep if you will
Fill your self-dug holes
With more than just swill

[things become lost in you]

will swallow you whole…

Word 15: Path


or harder
on foot
filled with crooks
we choose
our paths
but God
on our behalf
your will
can only take you
as far as He’s
willing for it to

the highs
and river flows…
are a gift of MOVEMENT
toward purpose!


Word 14: Room


Something held my hands together…it could’ve been rope, or chains, or wire…I couldn’t tell though. It was the darkest dark where I was. The kind of dark that not a ray of light could penetrate…that even if the door opened…the hall leading to this room would be as dark. I was sitting in a chair that felt hard and cold…it must’ve been metal. It was cold and causing me to feel colder than it really was. I began wriggling my way free. The binds that bound me were looser than I thought.  I got my hands free after painfully yanking my hands in opposite directions repeatedly. It turned out, my restraints were barely tied and made of thin threads. I untied my feet and before long was feeling my way through the blackness. I walked and walked, looking for a piece of furniture, a door, a window…but, I seemingly walked for minutes upon minutes…what clearly turned into hours, with me stopping and resting on my knees. I tried each direction, hands outstretched…and nothing. No furniture…no windows…no doors…no walls.

NO WALLS! I was in a dark, vacuous space…nothing barring me…my own restraints, feeble and incompetent…my attempts to escape failing.

…and then I opened my eyes. 🙂

Word 13: Television

(Excuse my lateness…ugh)


I thought of those old TV’s from back in the day that were more furniture than TV. Heavy wood, the speakers often having a gold screening w/embellishments.

You knew your family was the SHIT if they had  the biggest one with the good wood, where the stereo sat up top…or eventually, the cable box, Beta/VHS player, etc.

I knew some homes that refused to get rid of “history” or “antiques” so they ended up with the new TV on top of the floor TV and the VHS on top of both TV’s…


I’m watching TV…talk to y’all later.

Word 12: Baby


I got a good personal giggle off of this word just now…hehe! anyway…

I was a baby once in this lifetime,
rarely anyone’s baby
babied a few
some were mine

Always wanted one
it never happened
so I became
“the mother of the universe”
(an ex called me that)

baby, babies, babied, babe, bae…

love, bundles, blessings, miracles, sweetness…

Word 11: Ring

Ring-a-round the rosy, pocket full of posies…ashes, ashes…we…all…fall…down!

That’s the very first thing that popped into my mind. Saturn’s rings was the next. I’m sure somewhere between those two thoughts the vision of an engagement ring appeared. I decided to suppress that, though. There’s no need for that thought to romp freely without supervision. My belief in kings and rings is slowly fading out to a distant memory of childhood’s past…an adolescent folly. I know I may sound cold…something like the icy rings around Saturn (my sign’s ruling planet).

Rings are just an accessory…

For me,
For Saturn,
For posies…

For now.

***I hope you guys are enjoying my impromptu doodles. lol***