The Twenty Seventh Day…

…a day in your life (explain an average day of yours)

Well, this is easy! (FINALLY!!)

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been home on rest. I almost tore my meniscus and am now in Physical Therapy until I can return to work…

I normally begin the day with the push of a button. My Keurig Vue is my baby. lol I got it for Christmas from mom and I LOVE it! I make my coffee and kick around with thoughts of breakfast. I’ve had the luxury of indulging in a few other things to pass the time…one of which has become my business venture, Fancy Face Kreations! This time home has given me the ability to learn and hone my craft…widening my networking circle day by day. So, I normally begin my day with breakfast/coffee…and check my email and inbox for business contacts.

I work on whatever project is left to do and in between I try and blog. THIS challenge has been a challenge for me. Not because of the questions, but because I’ve had to show my face to almost 10 blogs every day (or every other day) to show support to those who’ve dared to take this challenge with me.

I’ve mixed up my day between FFK, blogging, writing, physical therapy, errands and such.

This is my usual day. Every now and again you can add a visit from someone, a movie with a loved one or a drive somewhere with mom to browse and get fresh air.

That’s about it, boo boos. LOL

9 thoughts on “The Twenty Seventh Day…

  1. That Keurig I hear is the business. I'm all about the simplicity. I might have to just take the challenge myself. this blogging thing is freeing. Thanks Kali. 🙂

  2. @Ree~ I'm glad you're considering it…it's very freeing. My peeps and I have done at least 6 of these challenges in the past two years. We learn so much about each other and find ourselves relating to someone else. Isn't THAT the best? 🙂

  3. Well even though I didn't take this challenge, I've tried to make it a point to go around and show support too. Besides you, who else is doing this challenge. I must say, many of the posts are rather interesting.

    Funny, I haven't written a blog myself in three weeks. Thats the longest I've gone without writing a blog since I started blogging. I need to do something about that.

  4. @Reggie~ Go on and write then Reggie. Getcho mojo back. (Thank you for all the support you've shown…it's invaluable 🙂

    @No Labels~ Everyone who has come here and had a cup of coffee from it ends up wanting one. I love it.

  5. GETCHUSUM Budda! I love Green Mountain's “Breakfast Blend” and “Nantucket Blend”. I also liked “Caribou” and “Donut Shop”. They even have Foldgers on Keurig's site.

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