The Twenty Fourth Day…

…a memorable summer day

In 2005 we had our family reunion in Myrtle Beach, SC. (Yes, it’s another family reunion recollection, but not really lol)

Well, in preparation…I had to look RIGHT. I needed to be cute. Sis and I had shopped for clothes, sandals, etc…but, the most important part of that ritual…is the hair.

Two weeks prior to the reunion, I’d colored my hair…a light brownish/blondish color. My hair is so dark with red undertones, so most colors in that blonde family come out “strawberry blonde”. Cool, no problem. Light is good…

The night before leaving…I got a relaxer. “They” say you can process after two weeks of adding color (or vice versa if you relax first then color). I felt safe. Clearly….I was not.

My mom (a cosmetologist) put the relaxer in and we washed it out like we normally would. No problem there…until I went to blow dry it.

“Mommy…I think my hair is falling out…”

She sat me in the chair and checked on it. I asked, “Is everything okay?” and my mother said convincingly, “Yea, it’s fine…it’s not a lot of hair…just a little.” In the meantime…she was behind me like “OMG!” because my hair was falling out in clumps. She didn’t want me to see how much was breaking off. She combed through it gingerly and then told me not to apply heat. To let it air dry. She then showed me the hair on the floor and I was like : O!

My mother assured me that my hair would be fine…thank GOD that I have a LOT of hair. She told me that if I’d been the average person…I’d be bald. Thankfully, it had only fallen out around the edges…well, it was broken off an inch from my scalp. I never did THAT shit again. I have some strong ass hair. Sheesh.

The next day down in Myrtle Beach, my hair got it’s life. I curled it and it came out fine. The above pic is my hair after the color began to fade.

I had another incident with my hair…read “Hurr Afire“. LOL

7 thoughts on “The Twenty Fourth Day…

  1. I've gone back and forth. I went 7 yrs in my 20's without relaxing, then did it again. I recently went 2 1/2yrs without relaxing, but I relaxed my hair New Year's of this year. My hair and I war back and forth. lol

  2. You look like you recovered well Kween….you look like you've got a mane now.

    I live in Charleston, SC so I've been to Myrtle Beach a few times. One of these days though, I'm actually gonna go to the beach and not to do something else. So far I went shopping there once and ended up eating at a local restaurant there and the other time I flew out of the airport there on my way to Miami. But one of these days, I'm actually gonna go ahead and go to the beach.

    By the way, I've been rocking the bald head for years….you might be able to pull it off?!?

  3. lol, yea I did. My hair is thick as hell and can be hard to deal with…

    Yea, I went to the beach…I love beaches. I don't go to enough of them. Gotta make that my summer goal.

  4. I want to go to the beach more, too. I love being near the water, but must admit I can't swim.

    I haven't permed my hair since 2002. I don't think my head would know how to act.

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