The First Day…

…a day containing your earliest memory.

Y’all may not believe me, but my earliest memory was in the crib. Me standing with another kid next to me. (probably a cousin or one of mom’s friend’s kids)

I have memories of me dancing with my diaper on to a Pampers’ commercial. So, yea…my memories go a ways back.

I have a memory of writing on my mother and father’s bedroom wall. I got a spanking 😦

I even have a memory of throwing my bottle out of the window as a baby. My mother said that she thought, “Oh, I guess she doesn’t want THAT anymore…” and I never used a bottle again. (not including Moscato bottles) lol

So that’s all I have for this one. LOL See ya tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “The First Day…

  1. @Diva~ Aww thanks, yea…ain't nobody have time for dat. LOL

    @Budda~ YES. GREAT word. I rebuked that bottle in the name of cups and glasses! LOL My mother said I did everything fast…except walk. I was too busy talking and thinking and doing shit. When I DID walk…I took off! lol

    @Reggie~ Heyyyy Reggie! Yea, those were Princess days! 🙂

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