Looking Asses

I am taken aback…

That folks in their 30’s and 40’s are still playing mind games. That women who are grown and have children or just are GROWN…still pursue men on and offline like a cat in heat. That men who define themselves by the length of their dick, still act like children with no aim. I on the other hand…just wanna be at peace, live, laugh, love and learn. That’s it. Keep the rest.

Let me tell you…2011 is NOT the year to fuck with me. I’m not lying down for ANY bullshit. I WILL step and I WILL blast you! So many times before, I let etiquette and decorum dictate my steps. I’m over it. I’m STILL a lady…STILL a kween, but even a kween has to exact some action when fools start trying to infiltrate her peace of mind.

I had a convo with a dear sister friend and I was once again reminded how the lies of a MAN had tainted my online reputation. A site we used to be on had me looking like some desperate bitch who needed to be loved and wanted to be just like some other woman! WOW. I’m glad that I know who I am and I’m BLESSED that I have real friends who know better. I don’t sweat the small stuff usually, but this bit me on the ass in a hard way. I don’t feel that, believing in someone is desperate…it’s called LOVE you assholes!! Trusting your friends to keep your confidence isn’t VIOLATING or BETRAYING someone else…or being catty or being a bitch. If I’m talking to someone I call a FRIEND and they runteldat…that’s not MY fault…it’s Mouth Almighty’s fault. Contrary to the rumors and lies of little people with little else to do than discuss me…I don’t thrive off drama. Drama makes the underside of my breasts itch…keep that shit. One thing is for sure…if you wanna know if I said some shit…ASK…I PROMISE I’ll tell you if I did or didn’t, but if you’ve made up your mind already that I’m some petty bitch…then stay over ——>THERE!!

Anyway, I find that some of the same people who were in my circle then made it over to Facebook with me and honestly…I know there is this dark cloud that follows me. The only way for the myth to be dispelled is for folks to be enough of an independent thinker to say, “Hmm, I wanna get to KNOW her…”. Otherwise, it’s like a red letter sloppily stitched onto my chest. Truth is, EVERY guy online who I’ve ever been “involved” with…pursued me. They had to CONVINCE me that they really were interested and wore me down after months of convo. I’ve never…EVER seen one dude and been like, “Let me roll up on that.” Nope. I mind my business…and then because these men on the Internet have a gang of stans…I end up the bane of some bitch’s existence because she thinks I’m a threat. One thing I’ve NEVER done is befriend someone so I can see how close they are to my love interest. If you’re still doing that in 2011…


I ain’t ask dude to holla…
I ain’t ask dude to rope YOU in…
I ain’t ask dude to lie to you…
I ain’t ask for none of it!

Take your LOOKING ASS…and SAT down! Leave me alone. You REALLY won’t like me if I gotta tell your ass that shit again!

6 thoughts on “Looking Asses

  1. vaseline (check) skechers (check) razor blade (check) now who in the fuck am i gonna have to hurt for fucking with my Sistar?!
    I can feel your frustration in your words…and i dont like it. I hope the reading this and will go grab a life…its free

  2. I'm like 7up on this subject “never had it, never will”. If we can't have a conversation and us both be adults the situation will evolve no further. We can be associates but we can't be friends, and I will definitely cut down the amount of time I waste speaking to you. If we became friends it's because I like who you were as a person not because I felt you were a threat nor just because you had a pretty face(I'm not saying it hurt your chances of me hitting yes I'm just saying it was more than that).

    I don't get drama or stalking, have never gotten it, will never get it, and if your mouth and a sieve have a lot in common we won't be talking often. I don't like bright lights so I damn sure don't want your day glow ass standing next to me screaming at the top of your lungs. You think I'm a ninja now watch me vanish

  3. BE~ Glad I could assist in some venting for you. lol

    CG~ I normally do a good job at reserving this kinda rant for say….BE up there…but, truthfully…I needed to speak my peace. Thank you for having my back 🙂

    Primal~ I'm glad you were able to escape this type of thing. One of the things I've always hated about my own kind is their propensity for messiness. I've just come to my rope's end with the certain type of people and nowadays if I suspect you're up to no good, yea…I'm avoiding you like the plague.

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