Snapshot #2: Yellow

Photo of: Yellow

A yellow candle…in the shape of a butterfly. It’s more yellow than it shows. Yellow is my favorite color, so of course it was like hitting pay dirt when I got this candle. I won’t even light it…

Behind it, I’m sure you see the “Tiffany-inspired” butterfly lamp…and a butterfly that houses an electric flame tea light candle. 🙂

Also the color that Dee calls me. She says I’m “Kali Simpson”…you know…relative to Homer anem? *rolling eyes*

Funny thing…I don’t own as much yellow clothing as one would think since it’s my favorite. I just can never find anything I like in yellow.

Foods I like that are yellow:

I love the sun, yellow flowers, yellow butterflies (of course), Post-its, journals, shoes, underwear (I do own a bra set in yellow cotton :), rings/stones, birds, pottery…you get it…

*in my Celie voice*  …Yellow…Y-E-L-L-O-W…yellow.

Snapshot #1 ~ Me

Photo of: ME

I may not be sized down
to a dainty frame
for dainty minds
with limited thinking…
but, I’m still frail
demure and soft
tender to the touch
unmeasured depths of heart
with much to give…
with much to learn…
with much wisdom to impart…
I may be strong,
inside AND out…
but, I feel the slights against me
I set them free
like chicks from nest
…and carry on like all is sweet
because eventually…it will be…
I suffer no emotional drought
like frayed wires
wielding danger
that manically jump about…
I hold energy no one can harness
I hold great things no one can tout
my kinda love,
most can’t do without…
and don’t know it
until they’re already out…
sometimes afraid,
of my own power to be
I forget who I am
but never whose I be
it’s possible to know
to whom I belong,
and forget my way
letting the delusion
of loneliness
cause my mind to stray,
I come back to ME…
this woman-child of God
remembering…to be ME…every day
in the VERY way
that makes me
limitless…to the eyes of those
who dare to see
the woman with many names,
but whose mother named her…Kali

The 30 Day Photo Challenge

Introducing…the 30 Day Photo Challenge…presented by my SiStar Dee aka Afrodeezha.

This one, I found online. Apparently, I just missed the Challenge, put forth by Amber Fischer Photography but I still want to do it. Sooooo this is what you can expect from me and I encourage you to join in and post a link in my comments.

Day 1: Me
Day 2: Yellow
Day 3: Sweet
Day 4: Low Angle
Day 5: Guilty Pleasure
Day 6: Home
Day 7: Red
Day 8: Feet
Day 9: Morning
Day 10: High Angle
Day 11: New
Day 12: Beautiful
Day 13: Noon
Day 14: Creative
Day 15: Necessity
Day 16: Print
Day 17: Real Life
Day 18: Zoom In
Day 19: Parent or close friend
Day 20: Favorite
Day 21: Time
Day 22: Happy
Day 23: Old
Day 24: Orange
Day 25: Evening
Day 26: Love
Day 27: Hate
Day 28: Summertime
Day 29: Dream
Day 30: Faceless Self Portrait