Stamp of Approval

Well it seems that Ms. Mahogany Dymond has given me the stamp of approval for “Best Blog”. I haven’t received one of these in a while, so it’s cool. Lemme get started…

Once winning the award I have to:
Share seven random things about myself

~I have white food texture issues. I hate: cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla pudding and yogurt, tapioca /rice pudding, and straight milk.  Sorry, I’m a food bigot. lol (though I will eat cheesecake, dip made w/sour cream, chocolate pudding and chocolate milk) 
~I crack my ankles all day
~Bugs of all kind creep me out…why are you HERE? LOL
~I have a tendency to hold my tinkle…lol
~I think most canned food is nasty…ew.
~I’m a word whore
~If I could…I’d never wear the same pair of underwear twice. LOL

Pass the award to 15 bloggers


I don’t have 15…but this is close enough. I ain’t gone tell em either, I’mma let em show up and find themselves. LOL


Answer the following questions
Favorite colour: Yellow
Favorite song: Adore by Prince
Favourite dessert: Red Velvet Cake
Biggest pet peeve: Fuggin Liars
When you are upset, you: CUSS
Your favorite pet: meow
Black or white: Black
Biggest Fear: S n a k e s (of all kinds)
Best feature: My heart
Everyday attitude: What can I learn…
What is perfection: Finding your place in life
Guilty pleasure: Reality TV (send help)

24~ I Apologize

Have you broken anyone’s heart?

I don’t know. I really don’t. I’ve always been on the receiving end of bullshit. I didn’t take time out in my busy moments of dusting off the fuckas of past to see if someone’s heart got broken by me.

Anything is possible. Someone is probably swearing I did that shit to them. If so, I apologize. I go into each situation with an open heart and honesty. If I don’t like/love you…I don’t waste my time or yours. I don’t tell folks I love them and then go tell the next person that’s it’s all about them. I get no pleasures in gaming with folks’ hearts and lives.

Having said that…it’s quite possible that IN my honesty of, “No, I don’t see you that way…” that someone’s feelings could’ve gotten hurt. I think hurt feelings are a world away from a broken heart, but I can’t determine the scope of someone else’s disappointment, either.

To end this…I’ll post my FAVORITE song for this kind of occasion. I heard it some months back and it’s been in heavy rotation since.

“Message To You” by Claudette Ortiz…if I’ve every hurt you or broken your heart, I apologize…

23~ Doves Disparaged

Some of these questions, MAN…smh

…what? It rhymed!

Do you think love and marriage are synonymous? ((Was I sipping pineapple rum while penning these questions?))


Love can LEAD to marriage. INSIDE of marriage the two should become synonymous. Wherever love is placed, that relationship should become enmeshed in the word love.

Marriage is a tricky thing to discuss nowadays. Honestly, I don’t know why I brought this shit up. Perhaps today isn’t the day for me to be expounding on such things in my current state of IDGAF. Yet, I’m already 2 blogs behind in this challenge due to my attitude and need to be an example…or WANTS to be an example for the challengers…especially those who may be struggling with certain questions.

So, yes. I think I answered that. I ain’t sticking around here too long. INSIDE of marriage the two should “marry” and encompass all of those things resident in love…but LOVE stands on it’s own. It would be the arms of God wrapped around the world…if there were a physical way to describe it.

So there ya have it…

22~ Treasures

Create the perfect love scene


He put in her name, her mother’s name, her father’s name, her sister’s name, her cousin’s name…hell…he put in her pet name from HS. Nothing.

For almost 10 months Mason looked for Allana. He’d spent the last 9 years married to the woman he met while at a conference for jewelers. He met and fell for Lola because she reminded him of Allana and her whimsical spirit. His jewelry business had flourished almost immediately, to his surprise and pleasure…surely a sign that his muse approved…wherever she was.

Gems were Allana’s love. She collected everything she could find, from crystal quartzes and tiger’s eye to estate jewelry from auctions. He followed her to antique shops after school as she perused the boutiques looking for pieces to add to her wardrobe. She almost always spent her allowance on lucky finds…like the cameo ring that had to have been worth a grip, but she paid $13 dollars for. She also found a loose rough cut onyx piece and had a jeweler make a pendant out of it. Allana gave it to Mason on graduation day. Shortly after, she went off to college and they broke up after life caught them in different places. Neither of them are really sure WHO broke it off to this day…

Today, Mason…still married to Lola…was obsessed with finding his childhood paramour. He cared for Lola, but their marriage was on it’s last legs. She’d already begun dating other people and had moved to her mother’s house with their son, but also stayed with him during the week for her job’s commute. It was weird, but it was working.

Mason was getting frustrated. The social sites didn’t have her given name as searchable. Her family had long moved and scattered from their hometown. He didn’t know where any of her old friends were because he, too had moved and lost contact. This was frustrating as hell. He longed to know if she was okay. If she’d married…had kids…thought of him in the middle of the night. He had to know where his “Lani” was.

At his store, he just worked away and did little else. He crafted, melted, shined, molded, appraised and hocked his days away. Late nights at the store were a given. Anything to stay out of Lola’s hair. They were divorcing amicably, but she was still hard to live with. Often, the very similarities about her that made him see Allana…were the same ones that irritated him to no end.

“Can you bring me something home? A sandwich or something? I’m hungry and too tired to drive…thanks.” Lola pretty much demanded.
“I’ll see…by the time I get home it’ll be late. Don’t bet on me.” he said.
“Pastrami, mustard, sauerkraut…on roll. Thanks” …Lola ordered and hung up.

Mason looked at the phone and shook his head. When he looked up…his past stood in front of him in stereo.

“Allana?” he asked with glassy eyes.
“Mason! Wow…I can’t believe…” Allana said with a smile brighter than her sparkling drop earrings.

He came from behind the counter…and scooped her up. She looked the same to him…smelled like memories and hope. He grabbed her face and kissed her. When Mason registered his assumptive actions…he stepped back, smoothed his clothes and apologized.

“I’m sorry, Allana…I don’t even know if you’re married, with someone…I’m so sorry.” He pleaded.

With her own eyes glazed with emotion, Allana stepped closer and said, “I’ve missed you. I never got married. I have no kids. I can’t even recall the last significant relationship I’ve had. I can’t believe we allowed so many years to pass. I am so grateful that your wife found me.”

Mason blinked. He shook his head and heard his mental voice say, “Who, Lola?” …even though nothing exited his mouth. He stood frozen, tears welling up…confusion mounting and questions on the verge of barreling out of him. “Who? What? Are you sure? Do you know her? Lola? Lola Fields?”

Allana laughed and said, “Yes…your WIFE!”

She pointed toward the door and he saw Lola standing outside the door against the stone wall. She waved and nodded, then walked away.

He said, “I don’t understand…”

Allana said, “She found your search on the laptop in  your home office. She said she knew you’d never gotten over me. She asked her detective uncle to run a check on my name and found me at my business…I sell jewelry, too.”

Mason couldn’t believe it. His wife did the most selfless thing she’d ever done in their marriage besides give birth to their son. In that moment, he saw love on two deep levels. His and Allana’s undying love for one another…and his wife’s love for the man who would always be her friend. He couldn’t have been luckier to have two diamonds in his life.

They sat and talked all night long…the promise of love rediscovered glistening in the night.

21~ Isle of Love

Photo by lenz_dark

What is the most romantic location you would want to visit?

Well…I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, yet I found myself intrigued with the beauty of Bora Bora. Tahiti seems SO beautiful…

That is FABULOUS!!! I would love to see the sea through my floor…

I could wake up to this several days in a row with NO problem…
Splashing around with a boo, getting it in on beaches and what not. Yes indeedy…I’d be in Heaven! I can’t even imagine the pictures I’d come home with, given a chance to visit this place…
Those little huts…look all rustic on the outside, but are so luxurious on the inside. That’s my kinda shit! lol Giving you that island feel all while providing you the comforts of a wonderful hotel.
~in awe~
I couldn’t go wrong romancing my special him in a place like this…not at all. ~daydreaming~

20~ Cans and String

Do you believe in Long Distance/Internet Love? Why or Why not…

For others, yes…for me…no. I don’t have anything good to say for myself in this matter. I used to believe that getting to know someone sight unseen gave you the advantage. No physical hang ups to keep two people from getting to know each other and sealing the bond spiritually. I believe that others have and will have successful LD and Internet romances…I’m just not putting myself in that position again.

I got duped…not once, not twice…but THRICE!!

As far as I’m concerned if you’re not in the state of NY and aren’t within a train ride away…don’t bother. I’m not doing the “false intimacy” thing anyway. Some emotional boo that I talk to and make promises with all for them to be doing local coochie because they want to detach from the commitment, but want to have that “love thing”. FUCK…YOU!!

For who I am right now…it would behoove ANY one wanting to deal with me, to make themselves apparent. YES…I WANT TANGIBILITY!! Who doesn’t? I can’t fantasize and romanticize  love and relationships over the phone. All of that giddy laughing, diving for the phone every time you hear their ringtone, sleeping with the phone damn near glued to your face…no way. All it took was 3 failed attempts at love via the net for me to assess that it ain’t for me. Threading string through unwrapped and cleaned tin cans to use room to room was cute. I can’t do cans and string as an adult. I need to be able to lay eyes on you and ESPECIALLY hands on you. I need that in my life right now.

I’ve learned MY lesson…

19~ I, The Pen…Ink, My Soul

What do you love to do the most?


Writing. It’s my passion. I dream of stories and characters and how I’m going to weave it into something bordering on literary genius. LOL

I’ve always loved writing…

  • I practiced my penmanship independent of my teacher’s instruction
  • I had perfect penmanship before most of my friends could write in print
  • I learned calligraphy (translated literally into “beautiful writing”) in 7th grade and was told that I was one of the quickest studies at that time
  • I’ve been drawing and writing stories around characters since the 6th grade (I suppose that made me 10 at the time)
  • I STILL write the alphabet in print, script and calligraphy in my free time
  • Poems have always come easily to me…so has creative writing, but oddly enough I am having the hardest time composing an ending to a book I started in late 2005/early 2006. Too critical of my own work
Basically, writing is in me the way breathing comes instinctively. Second to writing, would be cooking and other “hobbies” like photography, drawing, Interior Design, arts & crafts and watching movies.
I have had a love of words since I was a child. I owned a Junior Scrabble game and love to expand my vocabulary. I once drew on an old journal, “Thoughts to words, words to sentences, sentences spoken, words heard”. It’s the basic cycle of thoughts manifesting. Thoughts are things and become enlivened with the passion of writers, thinkers, speakers…I truly believe the world goes ’round and history is penned by those who take the nuances of events and weave them into tablets of reference.
I am learning every time that I write…more about how much I love writing. I have literary hopes that far span erotica, poetry and short stories. I’d love to write something epic and classic for the times and have my name written/spoken beside bards of old and great authors in my time.
I pray that my work touches…any one…if only one. I would hope that my love could be felt through every word I create. That’s my ultimate goal.

18~ Monkey In The Middle

Have you ever been in a love triangle…with you as the object of desire?

Not to my knowledge…

To me…a love triangle so to speak, is one where not only are there three players…they know of their competition. If not “knowing” them…knowing that someone else is getting the love and attention of the admired.

I’ve been in one where someone ELSE was the object of desire…but, that’s it mi amigo/as.

Can’t elaborate on anything I haven’t experienced.


17~ Baby Love

Do you think young people can fall in love and it be true?

Yep. LOL (is this a running theme? I am always saying YES to love…)

Okay, in my defense…I know SEVERAL couples who are married with children and toughing it out in committed relationships close to 21 years later…who were in love in High School.

I always hoped that I’d fall in love so deeply with someone and they do the romantic things that I saw my friends do for their loves back then. Valentine’s Day deliveries to their class…prom dates…Homecoming King and Queen together. I saw that so much and it has worked for a lot of folks.

I don’t think being young has SHIT to do with knowing and understanding love. Just like you have old ass muhfuggas who refuse to grow the hell up and embrace the potential of love. You can be 50+ still hustling the game…not knowing jack about what it takes to be “in love”. I believe there are “Peter Pan” souls born into some who never allow the maturer things to set in as they age. I also believe that their are older souls born into babies that experience life and love vividly, deeply, truly and grasp the importance of it’s place.

I want to shout out some of my favorite folk from High School…*raising e-glass* Here’s to Young Love…

Tochia & Larry

Tameka & Darryl

Keith & Rarsha

Kim & Crandall

Troy & Mary

May God continue to bless your forever young love 🙂

16~ Windows of the Soul

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Now, come on…I’m the “Kween of Love” for goodness sakes. Of COURSE, I do. In my head and heart…love of all kinds are possible. The truth of love isn’t in the perfect scenario…it’s in the impossible and unexpected one.

I think people envision love at first sight as being some physical connection. That would be true in a basic and primal sense…but, I’ve been taught the spiritual and metaphysical parts of life and I know that when two kindred spirits lock eyes…they see past the shell and veneer. I believe their spirits do this soul dance and for a moment in time…they meet in the air, leaving their bodies and doing some cosmic swirl kiss that ends with them going back to their frames…touched by the other. A piece of the other left in the form of an impression.

Yea, I know…I’m hopeless, right?

Some naive, gullible, romantic who wishes upon stars and thinks of fairytales as the rule, not quite excepted. Nope. I’m a realist. I believe in all of the variables that come into play in a relationship. I believe that even if people fall at first glance…they don’t always stay in the abyss in some splendid love oblivion. Eventually, if they don’t make the proper sacrifices, seize their moments of happiness and commit in a timely fashion…that beginning connection can fade.

love at first sight,
is like
two kids,
whose room windows face the other…
kinda like
monica and quincy
always remembering
the moment that love
knocked on their window
in the midnight hour
needing a haven
…those star-crossed boos
hooked on the silent smiles
and private giggles
thrown in blinking awe…
it’s the moment
the eyes of one,
stare into the eyes of the other…
in the reflection
of the windows of their souls…

Okay, so what…I got a lil poetic. Fugg y’all. LOLOL