1~ Adore

First Love (of course!)…what they meant/mean to you…

I can’t listen to Adore without thinking of SB. They go hand in hand. He really was my first love. We grew up together and honestly, I followed him around until it was no longer cute to do so. Once we stopped “playing”…we began something else…

I lost my virginity early. I was 13 and he was 16. Not the ideal age to begin exploring sex…but it happened. I don’t regret him though. Even though, I know there was some juvenile insecurities involved behind his reasoning for not wanting people to know we were sexing…I’m still grateful that I gave myself to someone who basically cared for me. I blame his “shame” on youthful pride and caring way too much about what his friends would think (even though at one time or another they all tried to get some). I didn’t have to worry about my name being dragged through the bowels of the projects’ halls…”Kali’s a slut…” or some shit like that. He remained my one and only until I was 20yrs old…and I’m proud of that.

He and I are still cool. He’s on my Facebook page, has my number and from time to time we talk or text. He’s never gonna be my “brother” again…but, he’s always gonna be my boo.

Oh…he never DID give me back my Prince cassette. LOL

9 thoughts on “1~ Adore

  1. Love Shades~ Yea…he's still my ace. Nothing like being friends with someone who knew you “when”….

    God'ess~ I sometimes wonder if he and I missed the mark on forever…

  2. It's cool the two of you remained cool with each other. (gigglges) I am curious if everyone's first love is the one they gave their virginity to. With me, it wasn't…I didn't explore that realm until I was 18.

  3. Yea, we're still cool. I rib him a lot with the little things we did and the names I called him. He's a good sport, but happily in a relationship AND expecting a new baby! ๐Ÿ˜€

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