Dia Viente y Ocho~ What If I Were Pregnant…

Lil Kween tryna mother baby cousin

…or got someone pregnant?

Well, that last part makes me either a freak o’nature or my mind dick is POTENT! LOL

Sooooo…if I were pregnant. Well, that would require some sort of sexual activity or willingness on my part to be a surrogate mom or an invitro patient.

Let’s just say I DID do the pelvis pop with someone and got knocked up I’d be happy…as long as it was with someone who could be a full participant in parenthood. If I did manage to get fertilized by the neighborhood “gardener” who tended to NOT tend to his seeds…I’d still accept my gift and do the best I could to be a great mom.

I’ve wanted to be a mom for a long time. I always get the side eye from mothers. “Why do you want kids?” or the infamous “Be lucky you DON’T have anyone else to be responsible for…”.


I get the whole “it-takes-money-time-energy-youth-patience-and GOD” to raise a village…or at least a few denizens in your personal hut…but, I always wanted the experience of carrying to full term a child who shares my DNA and my idiosyncrasies and getting to see them form into their own person. At 38, the reality of this happening dwindles a little more everyday…especially with no real candidate for a husband. Either way…if I were pregnant…I’d thank God for trusting me with someone else’s life and do my best at not screwing them up. lol

5 thoughts on “Dia Viente y Ocho~ What If I Were Pregnant…

  1. I know you would be a wonderful hands on mom. Sometimes I question how some people are allowed to bring children in the world while others are not given the opportunity. I guess I will never know. But, I KNOW you would be awesome.

  2. still a reachable goal wit the rt person….I love my kids I wouldn't want my life any othe way…sure it's hard at times, but if you embrace parenthood then you are prepared mentally for all challenges….besides who else thinks I'm the coolest dad alive (my girls are the best):)

  3. They would have your DNA but the idiosyncrasies belong to you and you alone. I think you would make a great mom with or without a husband. And any child of yours (my grand-baby I might add) would be proud to call you mom…Now according to the new math of age They say I am now 45 so that must make you 18. They say the clock is ticking, but whose keeping the time? IJS

  4. @Champ~ I'm sure you're a good dad. You seem like a loving person from what I've gathered thus far. If it happens it happens, if not…oh well. lol

    @Mama~ Ahh, thanks Mama…I would hope I'd make a good mom. I love that age thingy…esp. since folks keep guessing me to be 23-26. OW! lol

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