Dia Viente y Cinco~ The Reason I Believe I Am Still Alive Today


Through everything I’ve been through I’ve always had prayer in my life. The prayer of thanks. The prayer of strength. The prayer for the sick. The prayer for another chance…prayer has been a constant in my life.

Even before I understood what prayer was, I remember praying every night before bed with my paternal grandmother and thanking God for all of my family. At some point, I clearly understood what prayer was for, because my prayer became less “list” and more, “Oh, what about my friend, Grandma?”

I remember going to FDR park here in Westchester County one summer. My mom and her friends would jump in the cars and ride to a park for barbecuing, music, swimming and for their kids to run free outside the urban setting in my hometown. This particular time I decided to walk the edge of the pool. Not cognizant that the pool slopes…when I got to the 10ft part…I sunk. I grabbed at the edge and missed and went under. I was drowning. A lady who I’d passed along the way saw me sinking and quickly grabbed me up. She saved me. I had wandered so far from my mom’s reach and from other adults. I could’ve gone unnoticed…but, God sent that woman to grab me up.

That’s how I view God’s work. He grabs me up by someone I didn’t expect to have even been watching. Someone will come from SOME where and lay on me a word to witness something I’ve been praying on. A name spoken ends in a call…a thought results in an impromptu visit. Everyday people come into and leave my life and they represent some message God has for me.

Between his omniscient eye and my praise of Him through prayer…I’m here. Make no mistake…I’m here 🙂

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