Dia Viente y Cuatro~ Make A Playlist To Someone…

…and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)

This is SO hard. There are like SO many people whom I have a musical history with. Friends, family, loves. This is almost unfair to ask me to narrow it down to one absolute person. I think I’m gonna go with my 1st love. The reason being is because for all intents and purposes…this dude (as well as my dad) help to imprint the love of music into me. We did duets all of the time, singing and vibing off music. To this day, this dude and I are still cool. THAT is the reason I can rock this playlist. We’re over each other but love each other just the same. We don’t kick it (which is best for all involved) because our energy is overwhelming and could shut out everyone in the room. We don’t mean it…it’s just who we be! 2B & 2E friends forever!

So here it goes…

Dearest First (Anonymity is best, lol):

~Let’s Chill by Guy~ A song that no matter WHO I’m loving still reminds me of you and makes me want to chill with you (as friends) LOL

~Giving My All To You by Johnny Gill~ Man. I can’t stand you dude! To this DAY whenever I sing this song and get to this part, I sing it the way you did…”I’m just waiting for you, Kali…come to me” LMAO Even though I know GOOD and damn well, it’s BABY…not Kali. Too funny! (Who ELSE’S name did you interchange with baby…damn Romeo) LOL

~I Care by Tony Toni Tone’~ I can hear you AND see you singing this…I’m so glad we cool as hell or I’d have to marry you. LMAO

~Let Me Be Your Angel by Stacy Lattisaw~ This is the first song you ever heard me sing and realized I COULD sing.

~Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr~ No comments. LMAO

~Always by Atlantic Starr~ I just think that our voices went perfectly with their sound then. We tore this down every time we sung it.

~Ready Or Not by After 7~ Remember how you’d take the low lead and I’d take the falsetto lead?

~Thriller by Michael Jackson~ YES…the WHOLE album. We sung the hell out of this it!

~Center Of My Joy by Richard Smallwood~ He probably doesn’t even remember that I smuggled my mother’s album out of the house so he could hear this…see what a girl does for love? LOL

~All I Want Is Forever by Regina Belle & James Taylor~ Another duet we couldn’t resist

~Purple Rain by Prince~ Yes…again….the whole album. We watched this movie ad nauseum, so we sang those songs until we got told to shut it by your mother. lol

~Adore by Prince~ Always and forever this will bring me back to one of the first times we “did it”. Barely 14…but forever connected with you…AND Prince!

~I Wanna Rock With You by Bobby Brown~ I can see you tryna rock with me. *giggling*

~Perfect Combination by J. Gill & S. Lattisaw~ Come on…we’re the king and kween of duets! LOL

~Where Do We Go From Here? by S. Lattisaw & J. Gill~ WHAT? O_o LOL

~Vanishing by Mariah Carey~ One of my solos you loved 🙂

~Tears of Joy by Karyn White~ I can see you sitting intently at my dining room table as you listened to me sing it with my eyes closed 🙂

Look, I could do this all day with so many songs from several eras…truth is…this cat and I sat and sang EVERY day in some way. We were bonded through music and knowledge. We’re each other’s blueprint for what it is we seek in people. That need to be able to enjoy music and have great conversation between sexual peaks is something that is a pertinent building block of a relationship.

I hope if he ever reads this…he’ll be able to go backwards with me and enjoy the trip.

Love Always, “Pekoe Light” LOL 

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