Dia Catorce~ A Hero Who Has Let Me Down

I cannot say that I’ve had a hero.

When I was younger…I thought the sun rose and set on Whitney Houston’s ass. Her voice was phenomenal and I learned all of her songs by heart and hit every not she did. When she began her downward spiral into drugs and public humiliation…I didn’t feel “let down”…I felt badly for her and prayed.

I’ve never put stock into one human being like that. I can’t call it…but, for me the heroes of the world were the teachers and such. To that end, my teacher Mrs. Brown, who taught me in 5th & 6th grade (it was a Gifted Program [Intermediate Humanities as it was called] that I stayed in for two years) …MIGHT be considered my hero at one time or another. Still, I can recall no one who I lauded in a heroic way and then felt let down by.

Maybe I’m lucky in that way…*shrugs*

7 thoughts on “Dia Catorce~ A Hero Who Has Let Me Down

  1. Love this..I haven't met my hero either and I've been around almost 66 years..You know my take on this..If you can't walk on water I'm not impressed..So my hero is on the other side and I'm not in to much of a hurry to meet him just yet

  2. Teachers are so cool! The ones that care are always a positive influence in lives even in adult hood. I think I was floating on cloud 9 through school or my teachers were just blah.. because I don't remember them.

  3. Mrs. Brown was the BOMB!! With her, we raised chicks from eggs and butterflies from larvae (the beginning of my love for them)…we had a hamster named CP (Class Pet) but HE turned out to be a SHE when she had a bunch of see-through babies. LOL. She was the best…

    Ms. Moore (4th grade) Took a select few to see the Alvin Ailey Dancers (amazing!!)

    Girl…I had a WONDERFUL grade school experience!

  4. awww…man when i get to this one im gonna be in trouble teachers rock my world you gotta have a loving heart and patience to be one…and Whitney gurl she is one of those who ya hate to see fail cause she has so much to offer great blog girly

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