Ye Old Year End Blog

For REAL for real? …I can run this year down to you by month and point out every major thing that took place that played a part in the shifting of my so-called “ME” year into a “WHY ME” year. LOL

I’ll spare you though…really, I’m sparing myself. I don’t need to rehash EVERY single thing that took place this year. You need only scan this blog to get a glimpse of that. I’m a trooper, a soldier, a rogue, maverick mofo…and I love that about me. I rock when shit starts rolling. I stand when challenged to be seated…refusing to cave. I laugh when there’s no reason to it (even though someone looking at me might think I’ve snapped and cracked my cookie jar) LOL

Things got testy. Things got REALLY dicey. I almost lost it. For real. You all don’t know. I got so angry with life that I was ready to go IN on whomEVER was within reach. ::stop:: (This is where I decided to go talk to a counselor for my grief and anger. It didn’t work out with the chick I was seeing…I got ANGRY when chick couldn’t remember who she was counseling O_O Where they do that at? Oh, I know…THAT chick’s office) ANY who…I decided that I could work through it with some basic tools of understanding and my faith in God. I did it. No…HE did it along with the help of some beautiful people. Myself, my friends and family and all of their prayers and love. They are the ABSOLUTE best. Thank you, Mommy, Sis, Joy, DeeBo, Cee, Maria, Harmony, Caprice, Chante, Dani, The Mama for checking in on me, my old neighborhood homie, T. Shannon…and you know what? It would be totally unfair to not say thank you to Chap. Yes, my ex was there for me in the beginning weeks of my grandmother’s passing and even though we parted ways…he helped tremendously. Thank you, Pito. lol I hope ALL of your New Years are blessed, folks. You all deserve it!

NOW…onto 2011. I am open to all of the positive opportunities of love, prosperity and happiness. I always am. 2011’s beginning is pure ceremony to me. I practice love in my kweendom daily. I pray that whatever it is that means something to you all…becomes practiced and perfected. Thanks to my readers, cheerleaders and naysayers (you matter, too). With God’s grace, I will see tomorrow…

Happy New Year!!

Lovingly, Kween

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