Merry Christmas, Grandma

Hmmm…my 37th year was some kinda year. Who would’ve known that I’d leave it with a few less friends and an ex. Who would’ve known that I’d gain a few more friends who’ve been my Rocks of Gibraltar. Who would’ve known that I’d have less patience, less tolerance, more attitude…~sigh~ 

Who would’ve known that I’d leave with one less…grandmother.

My champion, my counselor, my Cancerian comedienne…someone I could go to and tell her the things that I felt silly saying to others.

I miss you, Grandma.

I miss your mischievous chuckle. Your sassy, no-nonsense wit, your loving ways, and that “knowing” that few others tap into. I miss hearing you call me “Baby Love”. I miss your need to see my wallet (because you never believed me when I said I had money, LOL). I miss how you’d feign disappointment when I took too long a break between phone calls. 

I’ll miss your yearly Christmas card…money or no money.

I remember the year you bought me an electric organ, on which I learned to play “Home on the Range” and “Silent Night”. No wonder I love the piano so much now…I should take lessons one day.

I remember how when Monifa and I were kids, you’d make SURE that daddy got us something nice or at least gave us money…no matter what else he did, you made him put us first. You’d hound him come Fridays so he’d remember my $20 allowance and Monifa’s $10…We secretly licked our tongues at him for it. LOL

I remember the last time you sent me money…I knew something was wrong. You needed Uncle Jerry’s home care aide to write my address down for you. I’ve never known you to need someone to write for you. That worried me. Then your voice with all of it’s life and the way you spoke as if you were smiling…gone…replaced with the frail echo of sickness…

Our last conversation…you promising me you’d go to the doctor, me afraid it was too late…

At least our last words were, “I love you”…and I do.

Merry Christmas, Grandma…

Always, Baby Love

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Grandma

  1. that was beautiful Kween…this christmas eve will be the 2nd anniversary of the week i lost my grandmother…she had a stroke on christmas eve of 08 and passed away on new years eve imjust like her strong independent and stubborn i miss her very mus\ch but im glad we can hold on the memories and the good times it helps dull the pain. My granny told me month before this all occurred “ive lived a full life and when the good Lord is ready for me let him take me home to be with my husband” i know they are two stepping an smiling down upon us. (((hugs sis)))

  2. Absolutely heart warming sweetie.
    I miss my grandmothers too. Both of them. They are the ones who spoiled me rotten…me being the first grandson on both sides of my family. God bless. Thanks for the wonderful blog.

  3. @Monstah~ Thank you…We clearly were spoiled and loved on. She was my “boo”. LOL

    @CG~ Yea, I guess I did. Didn't think so from this picture…but, yea. I see it. lol …Yea, as I told Monstah earlier, I was the apple of her eye. She loved all her grandbabies, but we had a special connection.

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