Cain’t & Able

Every time I hear the story of Cain & Abel…I automatically think of “cane” (crutched, cripple) and “able” (ABLE, duh!) lol. I always wonder if it isn’t just one of those parables in the Bible that is written for it’s allegoric meaning and not the recounting of an actual event. Yet…This isn’t about the Bible or the contesters that may follow with “knowledge” of the Good Book. This is about the “cains” and the “abels”……..the “cain’ts and the able’s”.

The Cain’ts are the ones who “cain’t” do shit. Except for maybe throw dirt on the Able’s. As with Cain and Abel…Cain resented his brother for being the “favored” one.  He killed him and tried to play it off. *smh*.

Let’s talk about MY Cain and Abel…aka Ty and Abdul. LOL TY? He kicks around the crib, drinking up all the Pepsi, lying in the yard in the hammock with his slippers and tube socks on smoking Kools. Abel on the other hand…worked and brought home his check…gaining the respect of their parents.  Cain, with his lazy self…did nothing to garner accolades, kudos, etc. He was the prime example of what “don’t, does”. Here is Ty on the couch with the jheri curl cap and his feet on their mom’s sofa arm…trying to get the younger kids to go to the sto’. YET, If you TELL Ty (Cain) that he needs to get a job, stand on his own two feet and become one with the nature of his purpose as a man…he feels that everyone is ganging up on him and doesn’t understand him. So, when his brother Abdul (Abel) comes through and their mama is happier than a pig getting released from a sausage factory…Ty is seething at his mother’s praise of his brother. Abdul has gone to school, has a good job, has a good woman on his arm, and respects his parents. Why SHOULDN’T he have his family be proud of him? Ty’s tide ass is upset about something that he’s set into motion, but has convinced himself is highly  justifiable. Probably has a long story as to how moms, Evette didn’t treat them the same. How Abel got the big piece of chicken and got the new pair of shoes…but, if you look at their history…can’t you just see Cain being a straight pain in the ass and Abel picking up the slack? I’d give him the new Jordan’s, too. *hmph*

I see daily…folks who CAIN’T, shitting on the folks who are ABLE. People with miserable existences (having a job, money or even friends does NOT a life make) who can’t breathe without negativity. It is believed that if you have those things…the finances, stability of income and a crowd to kick it with that you’re a happy person…but that’s not true. Sometimes people are so miserable within that they can’t even begin to comprehend happiness. Their social scene, career and sometimes family, is a facade. Things and people surrounding them have no impact on inner fears of failure, feelings of inferiority and latent traumas that haven’t been dealt with. They slip into these roles to mask their own pain and sadness and learn to mimic the smiles of a happy individual. The truth, is that they are wounded deep down. They’ll kick, maim, throw stones, knock down, stomp and strangle the happiness, hope, peace, and love out of someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves, live to their potential and heal through growth. They’ll kill the ability to live right out of someone who refuses to say, “can’t”.  Some times…Cain, is just that person who won’t do the work but wants to be considered for the highest position. They want the utmost respect, the first consideration, the nod of approval…yet they couldn’t be bothered to reciprocate. Yea…

To the Cain’t Get Right’s…
Cain’t See Straight’s…
Cain’t Let Go’s…
Cain’t Let Live’s…

En-ABEL yourselves to heal. It has been said to me…and I’ve said to others, that you have to be grateful for who you ARE…what you HAVE…and who loves YOU…in order for you to be blessed with more. You want for people to see you shine? Polish yourself off. You want to receive love and appreciation? Learn to love and appreciate yourself and those around you. You want to move forward? Kick away that kickstand and take off those training wheels…even if only mentally and spiritually. Kick off those crutches of doubt, hate, and jealousy…and run until you break free of your braces. RUN, FOREST…RUN!!! lol

**This is NOT paraphrased from the Bible, nor is it taken from any one scripture. I am merely playing on the names of Cain and Abel to make a point. PLEASE do not get religious on me and come thumping me over the head with the Bible. I own one…mom’s a reverend. Thanks, lol.

4 thoughts on “Cain’t & Able

  1. @Mah~ Yea…it's really sad. Most people have no clue what brightness THEY possess. If only they'd quit focusing on someone else's.

    @Dai~ Yea…I know. ~sigh~

    @Goddessy~ Thank you so much, please visit anytime 🙂

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