"O" Really?

Damn, this comes right after a blog saying I hate “political” debates.

Oh well…lol

Oprah came on today and she had ex-detective, Mark Fuhrman on. If you’re too young, or you were smoking that shit at the time…Mark Fuhrman was one of the detectives who reported on the Simpson case in ’95 when Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered outside the former Mrs. Simpson’s condo. Mark was the one accused of withholding and tainting evidence…namely the infamous glove that “didn’t fit”.

Anyway, during the trial of the century…Ms. Oprah Winfrey declared that she would not be interviewing nor discussing the trial. She made it clear (not sure if she SAID what she believed happen or just inferred) that she believed in OJ’s guilt. She said she would NOT have anyone on the show, ESPECIALLY OJ, himself when she had very definite ideas as to what happened.


I’m all for people taking sides. Do you. Be on the side of right (or what side you FEEL) is right. I am NOT here to argue whether he did it or not. Twelve people said he didn’t…another 12 said he was “indirectly responsible” in a “wrongful death” suit against him in civil court. Either way you flip that meat…the man was acquitted criminally and crucified publicly. If you believe he did it…so be it. If not…so be it. What I always think is fascinating, is when people form such an opinion on an event they weren’t present for. THINKING he did it…FEELING he may have done it…and having a psychic premonition that he did or didn’t…still isn’t being there when Nicole and Ron took their last breaths. We’re all STILL assuming and that is the truth. Unless you had a bird’s eye view to it or wielded the weapon…you don’t know JACK…Jack!


For Ms. Winfrey to hypocritically turn around after the trial and interview the prosecuting lawyers Marcia Clark and Chris Darden…was a “wow” moment for me. I felt like she’d somehow compromised her credibility and word by doing so. This is a woman who has had KNOWN, CONFESSED murderers of women and/or children or molesters on her show. Whether by satellite or in person…she’s given plenty of non-Black offenders the chance to speak their piece. Why not OJ? I feel that there is a breech in her journalistic integrity. You as a media mogul…a BLACK woman who is a media mogul…where is your impartiality for a BROTHA? Yea…I just pulled out my Kween X on you. What’s up with that, O?

I’m not concerned for what side you’re on. It’s over. It happened. Those two people cannot be reanimated and placed back into the lives of their family. No amount of debate can do that. What I am speaking on is an ongoing thing that plagues our culture…celebrity and NON-celebrity. We are harshest on each other…in the name of fairness, which sucks elephantine alien balls.

I wonder if the Illuminati got to her. I wonder if they promised to multiply Amarillo’s Beef vs. Oprah debacle by 100 on her ass if she dare say a word. You don’t think they know her pull? How she can say, iPod nano and sell millions in a week? You don’t think they’d silence someone who has the pull to make millions of folks put down beef and cripple the bovine business? All I’m saying is…either O is one hell of a hypocrite…or the “enlightened ones” pulled her coat and promised to make Chinese food of her pups. #IJS

{{If you don’t see my blog tomorrow…it was nice knowing you all and I love you for following and reading, lol}}

15 thoughts on “"O" Really?

  1. LOL
    I don't like Oprah. *looks around for billions of women in America to suddenly descend upon my crib & whip my ass*
    Well, I don't and that's just how I feel. So I'm aware that my comment may be biased, but hey at least I'm honest.
    I don't like OJ either, don't know or care whether he did it or not, since I am not a white woman, OJ is not part of my life's equation. (I do remember crying when the verdict came in because at age 25 at the time, I never thought I see a black man acquitted of a white woman's OVERLY PUBLICIZED murder)
    But back to Oprah, she has used the media to bend America to her liking for years. SHE should run for president. I'll bet she could BUY it. So at any rate, this doesn't surprise me one bit. This is her last season & she is going out with a bang. Gonna give the good white people all that they want in the process, after all… it was THEY who put her on top anyway. *sarcasm like a mutha…*

  2. AWESOME!!!

    Educating AND Entertaining!

    It does make you think, no doubt. I guess her thinking was DURING the Trial, she won't bring anyone around with whom was related to that. Seeing how it is AFTER the Case (Combined with her leaving her show in the Wind after all of these years), “Free Reign” may be the right Terminology for this move.

    I only saw as much as I could stomach (All of 3 mins.), and I wasn't impressed.

    I DO side with you; SOMEONE got into her ear, and made the most Powerful Black Woman in the World pee her pants. If she is a Hypocrite, I'll lose every last bit of respect that I'll ever had for her. AND to add onto it, I'll RENOUNCE “The Color Purple” if it has been proven true that she is a Hypocrite!!

  3. *tapping on the mic* This thing on… testing 1, 2, 3…. Okay I'm gonna go on record as saying that Al Cowlings & Kato Kaelin were the culprits… Thank you

    And why they gotta turn her pups into Chinese food huh…. well, they do turn some dog into good ass chicken wings huh….

  4. @SOAP~ I can dig your response. I followed the trial closely and can admit to being “emotionally” invested. I, too had the same reaction for the same reasons. This post however is more rant than reason to rant. LOL

    @Andrew~ Thank you, I was just stating my royal opinion. I am sure that she has paid the price to throw her opinions around, but damnit…I've got a blog and so do I. LMAO

    lolol @ you renouncing The Color Purple!!!

    @ODB~ CTFUUU!!! Um, I THOUGHT some of those wings reminded me of a small dog…too big to be chicken!!

    Do you think AC & KK did it to get to OJ's coke stash?

  5. Well since I DID watch the show.. She clearly stated that she wants OJ on her show. It was him who didn't want to be on there.. She also wants all those who are alive to come on the show. She said Clark and Darwin too.. So maybe it wasn't that she didn't want to interview him at this time.. It could have been his reps…

    I think the reason that Oprah are going back doing shows she really never want to do is BECAUSE it is her last season.. You know to say and do the things you where afraid to do back then.. She might be on her Bucket List this last season.. LOL.. Plus don't you start with that Illuminati crap…

  6. Nice post.

    The thing that I remember most about Mark Fuhrman was that he used the word “nigger” as often as a valley guy uses the word “dude”. If I remember correctly, that's also why his credibility was supposed to be shot in that case. Even the prosecutors acknowledged that he was biased when it came to people of color. It's interesting….and telling that she'd have him on her show and not OJ.

  7. @Mah~ Oprah DID say she wouldn't be discussing the trial on her show. She said she would NOT be having him there to be interviewed. Now, If there's something I missed in translation and I find something different…I'll cop to it. Her first declaration was to avoid the topic all together…and then she relented and brought the prosecution on. I don't know what made her change her mind…but, that's how I remember it. Maybe I need some instant replay in this mofo. Unfortunately, I have no pull and the TV's here aren't paid for…or on. lol

    Aw, come on…I can't say Illuminati? lol

    @Reggie~ My point exactly, sir. Thank you for visiting 🙂

  8. Just one little thing….OJ was found not guilty. That differs from innocent. Not guilty is a legal term meaning that the prosecution did not meet it's burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

  9. OJ's innocence was never truly an issue in this blog. I already stated that he was found not guilty in one court and guilty in another. I never even stated my own opinion as to his guilt or innocence. This was about my feelings toward Oprah's stance in the case and afterward.

    I thank you for clarifying though…someone before or after you may need that piece of information in order to comment effectively.

    Thank you for your input and come again 🙂

  10. I used to be a huge fan of Oprah until I was about 20 years old and realized that she had “forgotten” where she came from.

    But her doing this just proves that she is a ratings hog (the very thing she claimed she wasn't) and to be biased and one-sided just shows that she's doing the right thing…retiring. Once you can no longer be impartial about a subject (especially when you're basically nothing but a glorified news reporter), it's time to hang it up.

  11. @God'ess~ *kinda giggling at “glorified news reporter”*

    I concur…I feel a lot has changed and she has nothing really pulling at her to “keep it real” anymore. She can say eff “US” and be okay for ratings, profits, fame, etc. There are other things that come to mind, but at 12:19am…I'm tide. lol

  12. I have a love hate relationship with my girl Oprah. It's pleasing to the eye to see her so powerful on tv doing her thing but sometimes she is a bit overpowering. I'm not sure why she felt the need to interview some and not all involved especially the one accused. That wasn't cool. I'm sure she had her reasons. If I tuned it to the show, it would have been nice to get a well rounded view of the different opinions. Oprah does what she wants though. And I'm so ignorant to this Illuminati thing. I'm so tardy to the secret society party. o_O

  13. BE, you're NEVER too late for the “secret society party” LOL


    I'll tell you later…*watching my back, doing the zig zag run and knocking in code on the back door of the building*

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