Too Cold To Write

I’m currently freezing my ta-ta’s off. I just felt my lady buttons harden to an almost painful point. WTF? When did it get this cold…why is my sadistic ass drinking ice cold Iced Tea? I figured I’d blog when the tips of my fingers warmed up…but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen any time soon.

Sooo…yea. *making circles on the ground with my toe*

OH, I’ve got it. SEX! Let’s talk about sex!

No…this is the wrong blog for that. Passion’s Fruit is the nassy blog. 

*scratching chin*

Hmmm…this is hard and it’s only the 4th day. The cold is causing my brain to freeze and it’s not helping that I’m feeling the overwhelming desire to lie down and curl up under my throw and read the book Joy lent me. “The Other Side of Paradise” by Staceyann Chin is the memoir of her life in Jamaica growing up with her grandmother and brother and shifting from different homes…all while longing for the mother that abandoned her.

I find myself reading in Patois…in my head of course. Hearing some of the Jamaican voices of folks I’ve grown up around or lived around. My hometown of Mt. Vernon, NY…experienced a surge of Jamaican immigrants in the mid 80’s and eventually had a Jamaican mayor for 3 terms. 

I remember eating the curried goat and rice and peas from my landlord’s kitchen and thinking, “Hmmm, goat is not that bad.” I can NOT forget the beef patties and cocoa bread we used to get from a bakery off “The Avenue” (a two block shopping area on 4th avenue) run by a family of Jamaican immigrants that knew us like their own. Their bread pudding was YUMMY! My sister dated a Jamaican boy named Oliver for a few years and to this day, she loves ox tails, rice and peas and plantain….except for now that her current love is Puerto Rican, the style of cooking is a little different. (Even though they’re BOTH Caribbean countries). 

I told Joy the other day, that I remember the landlord of a friend inviting us in and sharing her cocoa bread and tea. She fixed our tea with raw sugar and milk and warmed the bread a little. It was so good. I was so used to eating it with a beef patty that I’d never considered eating it like that. 

I am enjoying the book…Stacey’s story, the Patois accent in my head, the memories they’re bringing and the inspiration it’s lent to my culinary repertoire. Just last night, I made fried chicken tenders with curry flavor added. It was scrumptious. I’m considering going to a Jamaican store and grabbing up some genuine cocoa bread and raw sugar so I can go to Jamaica with Stacey when I read.

Dang, I didn’t think I had a thing to blog on. 🙂

Go to and get you the book by Staceyann Chin…there’s even a “look inside” option.

Special thanks to Almond Joy/Butterfly Effect for sharing her book with me 🙂

s/n: I think the phrase “scratching my chin” triggered the book’s author, etc. LOL

9 thoughts on “Too Cold To Write

  1. Jamaican food is the TRUTH! And, I'm so glad you are enjoying Ms. Chin's book. She is one courageous, brave woman. You are so welcome. That book made me cry, get angry and I did a lot of sighing too. She is absolutely amazing.


  2. @BE~ Yes, I am enjoying it! Thank you so much. Did you get a crack at Zane's book yet? 😉

    @Mah~ Yes, sis…get that. I know you do. I can see you in Jamaica just dancing freely. lol

    @Dee~ I have never tasted callalou. It's been so long since I've had jerked chicken…I don't even know the taste. I gotta get into that soon.

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