sitting here with one foot polished…black this time. watching unreal reality. looking through glasses with scratched lenses…can barely see, but enough for it not to be blurry. two IM’s open…one active. an empty bowl where once banana pudding sat. light on. warm enough to keep the chills off. *i’m a little thirsty…or perhaps just a Pepsi addict* my mind is in several places at once. it’s in dc {how’s my little sister?} it’s in Alabama {how’s my brain share and the kids} ~wish i could see “PP”~ it’s in the imaginary home i want…one with a beautiful view of something viewable, a big fireplace made of neutral brick, a sunken living space, a raised bed area, a huge tub w/a pane-less garden window peering over something liquid and still. a gourmet kitchen (you didn’t think the kween that burns wouldn’t need a royal kitchen to burn in, would you?), a vast library of old and archaic dictionaries, thesauruses and encyclopedias, mythology, history, and science, a garden with herbs, flowers and vegetables, and a full laundry area where you can wash, dry, iron, fold and watch tv while doing it 🙂

…i also wouldn’t mind visiting some place like vegas, or paris, or bora bora…just so long as the company is SO good that we could be in a wack ass park in the ghetto and it would transform into a bench on the Seine.

i’m about to polish my other foot, watch another episode of the unreal reality *pushes up glasses* close out the IM’s that are now BOTH inactive. get some Pepsi and write/edit this book that is thisclose to being finished. thank God for the humble home i DO have and go say hi to moms…well, after i call grandma and tell her i love her.

what? i blogged…

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