What’s Their Name Again?

 I SO hate when I get a song or a group in my head that I can’t put a name to. UGH! 

It all started today when my friend on Facebook put in her status some lyrics to a Keith Sweat song…and of course I had to sing it in his nasally tone because his whining used to annoy the hell out of me. THAT led to my saying that I also couldn’t stand Al B Sure. Now, let’s get a little background. Al and I both hail from “Money Earnin’ Mt.Vernon” in NY. I remember how everyone was so proud of him and I do remember liking “Night and Day” and dancing to “Off On Your Own” but he too, had a nasally tone that sent me into ear-plugging mode. I also happen to know his oldest son personally as well as his mom. So, I know more than most fans do about Mr. Sure. O_o

BACK to the issue…I decided to take my taunting to the next level and go to Youtube for a video fix. GEEZ LOUISE…the outfits we wore back then. *gagging* He had on acid wash, ripped strategically and then took off his jacket to reveal a short-sleeved mock turtleneck. Where they do that at? LMAO 

Then…BAM!! I saw them. The back up singers…and remembered they tried to “Get off on their own” and make an album. A one hit wonder of course…or else this wouldn’t be so damn hard. I remember liking the song, too…but I can’t remember the name of IT or THEM. When I googled them…I got NADA basically, except a link for a question asked on answers.com. Someone wanted to know the same thing I did…and the answer led me nowhere. DAMNIT!!!

THEN…I thought about this other song called, “Yeah Yeah Yeah” by a group of little girls that I can’t remember either. AND another song that was by a group of kids and all I have to go on is the word “question”. I remember thinking when Monica came out…that she looked like the cute little girl with the big voice. I also remember a song I can’t find anywhere by a chick named Tenee Williams…who I remember SOLELY on the fact that her first name is my middle name. *_*

Does this happen to you? Do you have MILES of songs that you can’t remember the name of or the group they came from? WHAT in the No talent HELL is that about?

SUPER UPDATE IN THE MAKING!! I FOUND the video by Tene Williams!!! Here it is. Do you remember?

6 thoughts on “What’s Their Name Again?

  1. only my girl K would come up with this…the thing i do is go to google and put in half lyrics it usually populates…how about sunshine anderson? hear it all before…1 hit wonders…WOW!

  2. That is the thing! I couldn't even remember the lyrics or the rhythm. Just those little bits and pieces that led to nothing…but, I'm a beast with it, so I stayed on it until I found it! NOW…if I only I could find that little kids' group that I thought Monica was in. lol

    I DEF remember Sunshine Anderson! That and a few other songs from her album…but her song was TRULY a hit, so I could at least sing the song. lol

    oooh the TROUBLE the world would be in if I used my powers for evil. LMAO

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