The Rambler

Hello to you…I am here about the business of blogging. lol

I SO didn’t feel good today. My body craved sleep…so that is what I gave it. Stress is not conducive to maintain health. When your mind is going super fast all of the time and you’re juggling your own ideas and worries, and then you compound that with the worries of others…it can be too much. When I say, worries of others I mean mostly that…we tend to allow our relationships with people to become jobs at times instead of the positive human exchange it should be. I thrive on positive vibes and the moment that it becomes breached with aggravation it can soil the connections. When you find that everything EVERYONE does is getting on your nerves, don’t assume it’s THEM…it may be time for YOU to take a mental break. That’s what I did today and yesterday. It may take this weekend as well. I have plans to do it up solo. I’m going to get some $7 Asti, make myself a few cocktails, make some Nacho Mami’s Chicken Nachos with a new salsa I’m testing. Click here to see ingredients…and have me a good time by myself. I love my own company…and if you need to be up under folks 24/7 in order to feel like you’re living…you STILL ain’t living. Part of happiness at your own whim is about being happy regardless of whether there is someone around to make you feel good and be your amen corner. The catch 22 is that you can’t be alone ALL of the time…it’s just healthy to interact with people. Don’t be that person who orders groceries online, works online, goes to school online, parties in chat rooms and considers themselves “worldly” because they know every nook and cranny of the world wide web.

I also don’t know WHAT the heck I was thinking when I accepted the challenge to blog EVERYDAY for a month, because truthfully, I am notoriously known for taking long blog breaks. Some of my peeps treat this blogging thing like a job…probably because they make money off of it. I haven’t been that dedicated…because MY writer’s jones is propelled by something VERY different. I have an artist’s spirit. Sometimes my pen and paintbrush drips with promise…and others…it’s dried from exhaust. Hell, sometimes an artist’s DRY spells are not because there aren’t any ideas swimming around in that pool of abstraction…it’s because it’s deluded so heavily…it’s hard to part the fresh from the sea water, if you feel me. Ok, I am SURELY rambling…but I warned you. lol

I’m gonna go drink my chamomile mango tea with lemon and go fiddle around on Facebook…I’m so addicted to “Cafe World”…lol Hopefully soon, my mom will go her turn on Lexolous and I can beat the skivvies off her. *I love you mommyyyyyyy*

Later, Keys aka Kiwi aka Kween 😉

6 thoughts on “The Rambler

  1. i'm sorry that you're feeling like that.
    i agree with you though, that one needs to learn how to be their own company. but hermit status needs to be avoided at all costs…LOL

    *whoot whoot* you can do it 🙂

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