Singing Praise: Melanie Fiona

I so love this chick right now. I can’t stop singing “It Kills Me”…and I also love “Priceless” and “Ay Yo”. She’s got a few others that are cool…very different. She’s taken to throwing some retro sounds in like the 80’s and if I’m not too mistaken, the 50’s or 60’s sound is present. I get so tired of studio singers…so, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone who can actually carry a note. Check out this vid for “It Kills Me” and tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Singing Praise: Melanie Fiona

  1. Voices can be deceiving. Funny…how I heard this song weeks ago and never imagined it was her. Beautiful voice. I really appreciate when chics come with something new when it's hard to prove to folk (record companies) being different is really cool. Love it!

  2. Yea, this is a beautiful song and she's delivering it like the broken heart she's singing of….it is SO hard to be a stand out talent in this age of mediocrity. I just hope that she doesn't get lost in the sauce like a lot of super talented people do. I hope her career grows wings. 🙂

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