Mother?…F_ck HER!!

I have a damn problem…I have a GOTdamn problem with certain “mothers”. A friend of mine was incensed by something she found out. A close friend of the family, whom she considers a nephew had been molested for 2 years by a family member…and the kicker? His mother knew and did NOTHING! She PROTECTED this fool. Now, I could go into the details of this story…but, my focus is not on the fact that this young man just outed himself as gay…but that his mother is a complete and total asshole.

I need to know…because I’m confused. I am bewildered at the idea that a mother could find out her child was being sexually abused and not do anything. Now, I already know what a lot of folks are gonna say. Circumstances make all the difference right? Like if a woman’s self esteem has been affected to the degree that she needs a man so badly…she’ll protect him when he hurts her or her child. Or that, a family member’s image (or her own) is so important she’d allow her child to be molested over and over…learning the behavior of an abuser, only to either fall victim to the behavior or possibly inflicting abuse onto another child. Oh, how about the fact that it’s been done to them before, so they don’t know any better. Well, before we go any further I will say…to my knowledge I’ve never been abused. I’ve never been raped. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…FUCK THAT! I have children in my family…and I know children who belong to my friends. I have a godson who is 20 months old. If someone were to harm a child “I” know…I’d be a cops-calling, bat-wielding, penile/vajayjay maiming maniac. I’m not protecting ANYONE but the child. That heffa even had the nerve to blame his father for not being there…even though his absence was because SHE didn’t tell him he had a son. Does anyone have a buck? It needs passing…

This is a sickness. It’s as rampant as the AIDS virus and as common as the cold. All to often I hear of kids being raped of their innocence and their rights to be protected. I got so emotional today, because even though the boy in this case is now a young man…he’s still a victim. This will follow him always. He will always remember being taken by a man and not having the chance to BE a man. He will always remember that his mother protected an adult rapist…instead of her young child. He may never understand that his “homosexuality” may be in part to his abuse and not simply “being born” that way. I pray for his psychological self. His spiritual well being and his ability to separate the heinous act thrust upon him from an act of love. I also pray for his mother. That she’ll be able to live with herself after this knowing that she failed…miserably. I also pray that someone comes forward and sends her AND that rapist’s ass to jail…perhaps, they will be “protected” in the system and wont have to be a victim of their own victimization.

8 thoughts on “Mother?…F_ck HER!!

  1. I always say some are sicker than others! The Mother needs prayer like You said! I pray she can live with herself. You owe it to Your child to protect Him whether Dad was there or not! She bought Him into the world! She may need that same child one day! And He just might not be there!

  2. @FBC~ Human cleansing by way of penalty sounds doable right now. I hate thinking about a child being afraid.@Shearoc~ Right, he was ALWAYS HERS to protect. No matter whether the father was there or not. I’m not a mom, but I cant imagine NOT guarding a life I bore with the life I have.

  3. This is why I say that some people need a license to have children. This shit right here is just completely disgusting and fucked up beyond imagination. We have a lot of mothers biologically but they are anything BUT….and it fucks up their kids. We wonder why this generation is screwed. It’s folks such as THESE.

  4. @Wizzy~ You’re right bruh. I wish there were guidelines…but at the same time, we have the gov’t in our business ENOUGH. LOLI just want these women to prize their children above men and the need to be loved. I don’t understand the inability for that instinct to be strong. *sigh*

  5. Well this has happened in my family and some close friends of mine. It is even happened to me. It is a horrible thing to deal with. My cousin Tim was molested by his baby sitters son. He never recovered from that and he was gay. I dealt with it also from a family friend and raped by my best friend’s brother. In our family prayer was the key that kept us going. After all that happened we never went around those people ever again. I pray for your family member and his mother. It is truly something that will scar you for life.

  6. No, I don’t know these people. A friend of mine does. Had that been MY family…he’d be good as turned in…or fucked up! Yes, prayer is all one can do for these kinds of lost souls. I am sorry for anyone who has ever had their innocence taken from them….or even just been violated against their will. Your body is your temple and should be respected…a child’s is even more so precious and should be protected with the fierceness of a beast. Yes, ma’am…

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