Mom and the #17 Bus Gang

`My mother has a car. A 2007 Toyota Camry to be exact. Candy Apple Red…NICE! She doesn’t drive it though. Go ahead and credit that to the screwed up economy and gas prices being REE DICK YOU LUSS!! We live in NY and I’m sure most of these Northern states were hit hardest by the price gouging everyone experienced. Well, my mother decided to start busing it. She began way back in the summer and hasn’t started driving again quite yet, even with the prices for gas returning to normal level.

`Perhaps its the gang…yea, the gang. She’d been talking about her “peeps” for a minute. A motley crew of sorts that add up to some funny stories. Some dude name Kyle who has a psycho for a girlfriend (so everyone’s been told) who tends to let her beat his ass at home, but he’s bus-thugging it when he’s with the gang. Cussing out of control only allowing my mother to censor him. (She’s an ordained minister). Then we have “Caint Do Right” not to be confused with one of our 360’ers “Kain’t GET Right” *Shout outs to Jazz*. Now they call her “Caint Do Right” because she’s supposedly the WHORE of the crew. Looking for cat daddies to handle her bizness. Too funny. My mom claims she’s the leader…and I’m tempted to believe her. She says they “fight” over her and where she’ll sit. “No, over here…” “Why she gotta sit next to you? She don’t wanna sit there”.

`I was crying laughing at this shit. I was like, is this what happens when you get over 50? You join rogue bus gangs and talk smack in the front of the bus? The highlight of the day is when you get on the bus in the morning and afternoons? The hell? You become the den mother to a bunch of misfits on a bus in need of some attention? Or perhaps…being that she’s a minister…this is God’s way of helping her help others. A traveling “special-in-a-yellow-bus-kinda-way” angel. Sent to make an impression in some everyday folks’ lives. Journeying on the #17 bus everyday, squished between folks, dispensing the Gospel under the guise of a ring leader for the Notorious Bus Riders from Peekskill.


12 thoughts on “Mom and the #17 Bus Gang

  1. Girl you know you mom is the one that got to put the common sense into the crazies…the one they KNOW they can talk to if there is a problem. And girl don't let anybody talk junk…wha?????***rolling neck*** “I know you ain't talking bout kweens mama like that? She is a respeckable woman and aint nobody gonna disrespeck her…nah what I mean? Hmmm….don't worry Ms. Kweens mama I gots yo back. N*&&^” and you know what I am getting at too.Maybe your mom can write her book on her bus journeys. I am sure it would be a best seller.

  2. Baby, the people on the bus is like on big happy family. I’m telling you. There are people that I know to this DAY who are cool people and we’ve been riding the bus together since we was KIDS..PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!! HEHE.

  3. @ Kweeni: Yeah, BUS CREW!!! I likes the sound of that. I was talking to my mother today and she said “I AIN’T SEEN MY FRIEND ON THE BUS FOR A MINUTE! I WONDER IF SHE’S OK!!”.

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