Koffee Break for Kween

Hello boys and girls *taking off good shoes*…I just came to see how you were all doing * placing on skips*. I wanted to share some things with you. *places on sweater* Welcome to Da Kween’s neighborhood! *Queue rock music*

Ok, lol…enough. I just came to check in on the few whom have been loyally reading the Kaleidoscope. I love and appreciate you dearly. Right now. I’ve been trying to get some things accomplished for myself and I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending way too much time trying to decide on the newest blog…rather than the end to my book I am writing. I love this blog, and I shall not abandon it…but, I need to get my head right with what’s important.

When I need a break from the scribing…I will hit up Y’ALL and see what’s flowing from your typing hands…so make it good. I’m counting on you all now…you NEVER know what inspires me. Smooches… Da Kween

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