Use Your Imagination!

I am NOT a parent. It’s not so much a disclaimer as it is a reality. I don’t claim to know ANYthing about kids, but I WILL tell you this…kids have NO imagination nowadays. Or at least it seems so. I see all too often kids who need to be in front of the television or the computer in order to remain calm. I love the fact that my uncle only grants my cousins a certain amount of time in front of the TV and video games a week…and its EARNED!

When I was a kid, the use of my imagination was crucial to my mother as a parent. She was young when she had me, but she instinctively wanted me to know how to use my mind. Even though she was in her mid 20’s by the time I was in school…she still made it her business to make sure I used my mind. Buying me a few sets of books, including a set of Childcraft books and an World Book Encyclopedia set…was her way of giving me the freedom to seek knowledge on my own.
Asking her a question was as good as being sent to the “library” which was a cozy corner in our apartment housing a shelf with the aforementioned book sets. Games such as Junior Scrabble and Othello were there for me to play with. Yet, I had a chalkboard, plenty of chalk and paper to play school with. I owned coloring books, paint sets, crayons and all kinds of crafting materials. I learned how to use flour, water and food coloring as “play dough”. Sitting in front of the TV all day was NOT an option. We were sent to play outside and having all of the fancy toys they have now weren’t always available.

I remember…

  • ~Tap dancing with the bottle caps stuck to my sneaker soles
  • ~Playing house in the PJ’s where some of the hollowed bushes served as “rooms”
  • ~Digging an igloo behind the neighborhood clinic out of the 10ft snow drifts
  • ~Making up hand games and cheers with the girls
  • ~Having one parent take us for a walk around a neighborhood other than our own
  • ~Standing in front of the fridge playing Soul Train with the fridge magnet letters
  • ~Holding puppet shows from puppets made from socks and material

Back in MY day *I know I sound old, lol* you didnt have the common occurance where nearly everyone had a PC. No iPods to tune out our parents. No Internet to surf on when bored. No gadget for every known activity/action we need to perform daily. I know that we have advanced to this beautiful technological future, but I still think from time to time parents should tell their kids…NO TOYS…USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!

4 thoughts on “Use Your Imagination!

  1. Oh, trust me, these kids have a HELL of imagination. It just ain’t use to do nothing productive in some cases. I won’t put em’ ALL in there…but you get what I’m sayin’.Anyway, the imagination thing get’s old after a certain age. When you reach 8 years old and up, it’s all about Video games and cartoons.

  2. You’re right. They do misuse what they have. So maybe its not a lack of it, just misguided.I don’t think having an imagination can ever get old. It is that function, the ability to see what’s not visible to the naked eye…that fuels great ideas. I am using my imagination everyday. Writing my book is a prime example. Adults too need to use their imagination. I just think people get complacent and have allowed their minds to become lazy. Everyday functions are now simply reliant upon electronic and digital assistance. I’m not saying do away with toys…just diminish the amount of time a kid uses it.

  3. Girl, do not get me started on this…I have had to tell my older sister about this same shyt (excuse the french). She gave her kids EVERYTHING. Each one (she has three) had their own tv’s vcr, radio before they turned 10. And cell phones??? They had more cell phones than I had as an ADULT. Right now the boys (18 and 17) and on a contract plan with T-mobile, with the phone in the 18 year old’s name and neither one of them got a job. WTF??? Maybe it’s just me, because we were raised in two different households by two different mothers (we got the same father) but the way I was raised I had to earn that stuff. Read, go to the library, participate in school activities. There wasn’t no sit in front of the television all day every day. Matter of fact, we are talking about the country so GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY…and DON’T COME BACK TILL IT’S DARK. Get some physical activity why don’t you. You know we ran all day. Hide and go seek, red light green light. kickball, baseball, frisbee, racing, double dutch. I could go on for days. The times have definitely changed.

  4. It just makes no sense. Some parents are allowing their children’s minds to be molded by environment. Kids have GOT to know what kind of power they possess mentally in order to challenge themselves.

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