*I got this from Mahogany Dymond…looked like a good one*

I am not: anyone else
I hear: music
I regret: nothing…

I care: what people think too much
I always: think of others
I long to: find my place in the world

I feel alone: sometimes
I hide: what bothers me
I drive: myself nuts…lol

I sing: because it’s 2nd nature
I dance: for exercise
I write: round the clock
I breathe: the breath God gave
I play: online games to meditate

I miss: being held
I search: the life that belongs to me
I say: be accountable for your actions…be real
I feel: damned if i do…damned if i dont

I succeed(ed): being real all day long

I fail(ed): at a few things
I dream: of a good husband and a baby
I sleep: but I’m always awake
I wonder: about the future
I want: to contribute to society
I worry: about my loved ones
I have: the blessings of the Father
I give: til it hurts
I fight: ferociously for others
I am: a Kween
I can’t: be a pessimist
I stay: looking on the bright side
I will: be what no one could envision
I can: …period!
I would: save the world if I could
I might: just be an angel 😉
I like: cooking
I love: with all I have
I smile: because I cant help it
I frown: when I’m down
I read: what adds brain cells
I work: on me…

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