The Weekend that Almost Wasn’t

I don’t make a big deal over holidays. I just dont. Especially these kind (Labor Day). I didn’t anticipate this weekend to be much different than any other. I figured…another weekend chilling. Not so…I actually had a good one.

Last night,I hung out for a bit with my godson’s parents. His mom Aly, is a sister/friend to me and my sister. She asked us to be godparents when Syre was born last year. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas, so this was a cool prelude to the 30 days I’m supposed to spend in DC helping Aly with Syre.

Aly and her fiance Chris are a couple of characters. First off, dude is wearing a cast on his hand that makes him look like he’s working a puppet! LOL He just had surgery on Friday. I am still trying to figure out how he drove a 4 1/2hr drive with his hand heavily bandaged. I guess its the same talent that got us to the supermarket safely in a haze of ganja smoke. LOL He can be a cool dude sometimes, but he has clearly influenced my girl to a point that keeps her from functioning outside their microcosm when he’s around. What probably irritated me tonight wasn’t that him and Aly were “lighting up”…but that they do it knowing their son (who is a preemie) has respitory problems. I dealt with it, but I really don’t like to be around that…having me smelling like an extra from a Cheech & Chong movie.

Other than that we had a ball. Up late at night while Aly made cupcakes (dude had like 8 plus 2 pieces of BBQ chicken). We laughed and made fun of Aly’s mom who I call the “Clean Nazi” She is fastidious to a fault. She has OCD personified. If Aly is cooking. she will come to the kitchen and hover. “Use that special cleanser for the glasstop…clean the oven well after use…make sure the cans are lined up by label in alphabetical order…” LMAO (ok, I was exaggerating that last one) But, I had to mock her. It was too funny.

Besides kicking it with Aly and Chris, on Saturday my 1st cousin who is moving back to NY after being in GA for over 3yrs…came through with my aunt. We (including my sister) went to dinner and ended up snapping pics outside the restaurant. We came home and attempted to watch a movie but ended up just enjoying each other’s company. I look forward to helping my cuzbro get situated after his move back.

I seriously didn’t think this weekend would happen. With Aly being so fickle about arriving, and my cousin being upset over some personal issues…I seriously didn’t expect this weekend to happen. So glad it did though. I wanna do it again.

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